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What did Gord Downie mean to you?

By | Dave Sheldon, News

Canada last night lost the lead singer of their house band.

Gord Downie fought his battle with brain cancer and Tuesday night became another beloved artist to lose that battle at the age of 53.

There has been an outpouring of emotion from not just across our country, but around the world today as many of us wake up to this news…and for some they would just hit the snooze alarm and go back to sleep, hoping that the news was not true.

For being a casual listener of The Tragically Hip, I enjoyed their music and the stories that were told. I am not going to pretend that I am something here that I am not.  Others, including some in this station, and the Prime Minister of this country, were moved to tears when they spoke about the profound impact that Downie had on them.

He has been referred to as a historian, a humanitarian and a hero…and a whole lot more.

What did Gord Downie mean to you?  All I can tell you is that I take everything that someone attributes to Canada with the utmost of respect.  The Tragically Hip have been referred to as Canada’s House Band.  When no one argues that point, and few have, it gives a greater appreciation to what Downie and The Hip have meant to Canada over the past few decades.

Canada has lost one of their voices today, that alone is enough to make one pause and ponder about what kind of impact an artist can have on a country.


Coming up…Date did What???

By | Jill Sinclair, News

Tune in tonight for DATE DID WHAT??? with Jill Sinclair!

Bruno Mars watch out! Queer as Funk lead singer Connie Buna is selling out the Commodore with her LGBTQ band. She’s also taking Vancouver by the short and….well, you know, with her real estate brokerage and team.

With her band, Connie’s got the sass and the vocals to follow, to bring their message of equality and solidarity with their cultural fusion of funk, soul, and Motown classics.

Now, being in a travelling band can have its’ challenges, especially when you’ve got another business, a wife, a daughter AND the non-stop groupies. Connie’s gonna give us the straight goods on the life of a musician and the back alley trysts that we ALL know that happen or maybe just in our rock n roll dreams.

I also have an up and coming comedian who is likened to Chris Rock, except that he’s not black, he has a penchant for cheeseburgers as an appetizer and he’s a ballroom dancing champion….wait, what? Ravi Khanna is hilarious and he’ll be bringing his A game to the Date Did What? airwaves.

Ravi isn’t shy when it comes to givin’ the 411 on his crew, since the “playa’s” been with with his high school sweetheart for 13 years. Awww, how sweet…enough of that. I’m gonna pull out those stories that he’s promised me are too many to count, about how to lose a girlfriend in 5 days or less.

I wanna hear from you! Do you have a dating or relationship story you want to share with me? Pick up the phone and call 778-574-1077 so we can dish!

Talk to you at 7!


Stone says no to subsidy

By | Dave Sheldon, News

BC Liberal leadership candidate Todd Stone appeared with me on PULSE of the Fraser this morning to speak about what will be a spirited leadership campaign and what many candidates, himself included, have to offer.

Among the topics of the discussion that will help separate Stone from his contemporaries in this race was the statement that he made in regards to the per vote subsidy that came along with campaign finance reform from the BC NDP and Green Party.

Instead of raising their own money, it has been decided that the NDP-Green coalition will enact a per vote subsidy that will cost taxpayers $27.5 million dollars over the coming years.

If Stone is made leader of the BC Liberals, it is money that his party will not accept.

Stone also made it clear that his party has made missteps along the way and that listening to what his province needs is a path that his party needs to take.

The entire Todd Stone interview is below.

Power and Fear fuelled Weinstein debacle

By | Dave Sheldon, News

He was until a few weeks ago a King Maker. Harvey Weinstein, whether through Miramax or later the Weinstein Company, generated money, billions of dollars, in the Hollywood grinder.  Over 130 movies and over 2 billion dollars in domestic box office alone.

Not just dollars, this man was also at the helm of movies that generated 305 Oscar nominations and 75 Academy Awards on his watch.

With money and prestige comes power, and in Weinstein’s case, the alleged abuse of that power in the form of scores of sexual assault accusations now being levelled at him.

Why did it take so long to corner and quarantine this man?  Simple, he could make you and he could break you.  A role in the sack could lead to a role on the big screen and a life changing amount of money.  If an actress tuned down or blew the whistle on Weinstein, the results of his wrath upon them could very well make them go back to bussing tables or not working at all. These women were scared to death to report these allegations.

Harvey had all the power.  So much so that ‘A’ List celebrities and politicians knew and said nothing, and by doing and saying nothing it made them enablers.  That is the Hollywood game isn’t it?  Look at Charlie Sheen a few years back.  He made millions for CBS and their subsidiaries on Two and a Half Men, despite the fact that he was a chronic abuser of meds, women and booze.  No one cared and they all turned a blind eye because Charlie made them money…big money.

Weinstein is now dispensable.  His company, while still powerful, has become a board operated entity that does not need him to help them in day to day situations.  A fact that was underlined when they fired him from said company a couple of days ago.

The sad thing about all of this is that if Weinstein were still somewhat useful, i.e. making hand over fist in money over his direct influence, there is a good chance that he would still be the creep in the shadows, grabbing and groping whatever he could get his paws on.

Harvey Weinstein is a sad example of the excess of Hollywood and what people will do to get to and stay at the top of this pyramid of money and power.

I guarantee you that Harvey isn’t the only one, he is just the latest one to get caught.

*picture courtesy of the Guardian.


What next for Mandalay Bay?

By | Dave Sheldon, News

Now just 10 days after the latest, and most horrific mass shooting in US history, the question now falls to Mandalay Bay and what to do with the crime scene?

While the victims of this senseless slaughter were killed at a venue down the street, we all know by now that the shootings took place from Room 32-135 at the Mandalay Bay.  The crime scene if it hasn’t been processed completely, will be soon enough, and now Mandalay Bay has to figure out what to do next.

The resort has over 3300 rooms spanning 43 floors, with each floor having between 60-80 rooms per.  The shooting at the hotel will certainly have an effect short term, but already people are back to flocking to Vegas because of the perception that the deals will be there.  Many believe that the mainstream tourists will not be racing back, they are and they will be; Vegas will be just fine in about six months time.

Back to the Mandalay Bay.  Do you shutter that room permanently?  The macabre thought here is that sadly people are demented enough to want to rent out that room to see where evil once lurked.  Look at some of the places where tragedy struck in recent memory.  Pearl Harbor, Ground Zero and the Texas Book Depository are now major tourist attractions in the markets in which they inhabit.  And it will happen again eventually.

What should happen is simple; a memorial that if money is charged, should be given directly to a victims fund.  Mandalay Bay can afford to have a room or 10 walled off to house the exhibit, and the funds can go towards the forces of good, even if it is built on the premise of evil.

It is the best situation in a no-win…and the house wins.  In Vegas, the house always wins.



Date did What???

By | Dave Sheldon, News
Eat, Pray and Love has nothing on our first guest on Date Did What?
James Valiant is not just a TV Host but a Master Stylist for one of the City’s most upscale salons…Suki’s.
For years, the cream of the social scene crop would pop into Suki’s and have James untangle and tease their hair…and the stories that James has will make even the most hardened partiers blush!
James has also recently come back from Paris and has a tale to tell about looking for Love in the City of Light!  His penchant for finding trouble while also hunting for love in France will make his time on the show a must listen.
We also have Clinical Therapist Nisha Khare joining us.  Nisha will fill us in on keeping those long term relationships fresh and spicy!  Just because you go to bed with the same partner doesn’t mean that the magic has to end.
Nisha will give you some great tips to keep the sheets jumping on your bed!
Your stories are welcome too!  Do you have a dating story you want to share with us?  Pick up the phone and call 778-574-1077 and we can dish!
Talk to you at 7!

My decision is made…

By | News

I love travelling to the USA.  The people for the most part are friendly, there are travel deals to be had if you look around, the food portions are ridiculous and you can find pretty much anything you want to do at any time.

The incident in Las Vegas was the first time for a lot of us here on the West Coast to get a glance at what this kind of mayhem looks like up close.  We see events unfold in Europe and while you feel terrible about seeing terrorism first hand, you never suspect that something this egregious will occur so close to home.

Vegas was NOT terrorism, despite what ISIS would have you believe.  It was one man, acting alone, and causing chaos.  At least that is the preliminary indication.

Does this make me swear off the USA?  No.  Does it make me pause for thought?  Most certainly.

The most telling stat of the day, besides the scores murdered and hundreds injured, is the fact that this is the 275th day of the year and there have been 272nd instance of mass gun violence in 2017.  Almost one per day.

While I will continue to visit America and will happily hang out with the people of that great nation, my choices about where I go and what I do will be weighed by potential dangers that I face.  You can never guess that on a particular day that this will be your last one.  But I can tell you this, until gun laws get under control, I will certainly be picking my spots about where I go and what I do.  Some will call this uninformed and misguided, I call it prudent.

As long as one person can change the course of so many in one act of violence, I am pretty certain that I am allowed to make the decision that I can to keep myself and my loved ones safe.




By | News

***920 AM***

Surrey RCMP have advised us that this person has been located.  Thank you for your assistance.


The Surrey RCMP need your assistance in locating a missing person.

Surrey RCMP News Release
File: 2017-138713
Date: 2017-09-29

Title:  Missing person to locate – Domanic FORTIN-DJAMA

Surrey RCMP is requesting the public’s assistance in locating a
missing youth male.

Domanic FORTIN-DJAMA was reported missing on September 28th, 2017 and
was last seen on September 28th in the area of Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary
School, in the 6100 block of 180 Street Surrey BC.
Domanic FORTIN-DJAMA is described as a 13 year old male, 5’4″ , slim
build approximately 119 lbs, with black hair and a darker complexion.
He was last seen wearing beige track pants, a black jacket and a light
blue and dark blue Titans football jersey. (Please see attached photo)

Police and family are concerned for his well-being

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of this person is asked
to contact the Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502, or Crime Stoppers, if they
wish to remain anonymous, at 1-800-222-8477 or quoting
file number 2017-138713.


…and so it begins

By | News

This past weekend, two politicians, Sam Sullivan and Dianne Watts, declared their intentions to be the next leader of the BC Liberal party.  Expect that number to be as many as 8-10 by the time the smoke clears in the next couple of weeks.

As much as I may want to list the candidates and their credentials, it is not more important to ask ‘What do you want’ from your next BC Liberal Leader?

There will be a large amount of ‘Here is what I can do for you’ and ‘We are on a good path, here’s how I can make it better’ type of hype coming.  How do you separate fact from fallacy?

That part will take patience.  You are going to hear a lot over the next few months as the Liberals position themselves for a February get together to anoint the next leader.  As opposed to listening and taking what these hopefuls are saying at face value, ask them the tough questions.

How do you propose to take care of affordable housing, the drug crisis, education, health care, infrastructure, marijuana legalization, affordability…I can go on.  You need to find a leader that handles not just one or two of these questions well, but can address all of them.  Not be an expert in all of them, but know that they all need to be addressed.

The measure of a good leader is not all that they know, but how well they can lead their group in finding all of the solutions.  If the next leader cannot communicate with their party and get them in the right direction, how on Earth will they relate to you and I?

The race has just begun.  It is a marathon, not a sprint, so don’t expect any quick answers.



The Devil is in the details on Minimum Wage

By | News

There are far too many questions and not enough answers when it comes to the Minimum Wage question in BC.

While most everyone agrees that the minimum wage needs to be in line with the rest of the country, how can the Government of BC blindly sign off on $15 per hour by 2021?  Harry Bains, Minster of Labour and also MLA for Surrey-Newton has said on PULSE of the Fraser, that a Fair Wages Commission will be struck to do further study.  Let’s hope that it is a bonafide commission, with real answers to tough questions, not a whitewash to get to $15 per hour just to fulfill a campaign promise.

How does small business handle this increase?  We have seen in other jurisdictions, Seattle for example, that many small businesses are having to pack it in because the margins are so small within their business, that paying the extra wages has put them behind the eight ball.  Irene Lanzinger, the President of the BC Federation of Labour, also said on PULSE of the Fraser during the election campaign that if a company cannot operate within appropriate margins to accommodate an increase to $15 dollars per hour, then maybe they are in the wrong line of work.  Excuse me?

There are people that spend their lives just trying to make ends meet.  Not just employees, employers as well, who count every penny.  To have such a cavalier attitude towards employers shows that some in organized labour may be missing the point.

There are plenty of people in organized labour that do get the consequences of going too big too fast with minimum wage.  I hope that for everyone’s sake that enough due diligence is done to make the right decision, whatever it may be, and not a knee jerk decision to please a few cronies.

The right answer by 2021 may very well be $15 per hour.  But the slippery slope will be implementing it without throwing a wrench into many small businesses who have razor thin margins.

It remains to be seen if this incarnation of the NDP cares about small business.  This will be the first indicator.