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CONTEST EXPIRY: January 1 , 2019


The story remains the same…

By | Ian Power, News

I had the opportunity to host a candidate’s debate here on PULSE of the Fraser this morning, and while both Kerry-Lynne Findlay and Gordie Hogg were here to tell us why we should vote for them in South Surrey-White Rock on December 11, there was no definitive moment to speak of.

Both candidates are capable, to be sure, and both have a wealth of experience to draw from.  But their ability to stay on script and not separate themselves from each other is most telling.

There wasn’t a moment when either candidate took it upon themselves to make a decisive statement, or to impose their view upon the other party…it was scripted, vanilla and non engaging.

When the ethics question came up, I gave Mr. Hogg every opportunity to tell us how he could be different from his embattled Finance Minister.  Instead, he told me three times that Mr. Morneau hadn’t broken any rules.

We know Mr. Morneau hasn’t broken rules, but we expect more from our politicians.  They know it, we know it, but Mr. Hogg refused to bite the hand that may feed him.  At one point he sat in his chair in silence…and then I figured out it was the rewind button was stuck on his ‘Mr. Morneau did nothing wrong speech’, and we moved on.

Ms. Findlay, like Mr. Hogg, is more than capable.  But I want MORE, and is that wrong?  I want a person who I know will speak for me in Ottawa, and I am uncertain that either will do anything more than collect a paycheque and be a part of the masses that are the Federal Liberals and Conservatives.

Difference makers get my attention.  Sadly, these candidates are so well rehearsed in party doctrine that there is no way they will speak their mind on my behalf in Ottawa unless the cue cards are there to nurse them through it.

I do not blame the candidates, I blame the system.  We have become a sound bite nation, and the only people allowed to speak with any kind of candor are the leaders.

Hopefully Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer will give us more on Friday…because today showed me why there is voter apathy out there.  No one defined themselves so why should we care?


Date Did What??? December 5th

By | Leah Holiove, News

Both of my guests tonight are plant based…buuut not entirely in the same way.

My first guest is from the Coast Salish territory, and is a Native Hip-Hop MC Rapper
with Status Krew – Patrick J Kelly aka “Hope”

Hope wasn’t always known by that name. Growing up on the Reserve, his world was a whole lot of negative and he was named Hopeless. After seeing the destructive paths those around him were choosing, he decided to change. And with that change, came a change in name, to Hope. He embraces his Indigenous roots and chooses music to be his creative outlet and brings his rhymes to the beats. Hope won a Fraser Valley Music Award this year for Hip Hop and is looking to take his music world wide.

A plant based, sober bartender…
You may think that this dude don’t got swagger, but he brings it, in between his yoga mantras and his wilderness treks that is. Jeff Oddleifson is taking his life in a whole nother direction from his bartending days. He’s been around so much meat and booze, that his meat sweats came with alcohol sweats, until he found a love for all things plant based. With his entrepreneurial spirit and new found green zest for life, Jeff’s opening up a plant based food truck in 2018. Well, being in Vancouver, he’s def in the right postal code for this to fly!

You’re gonna want to tune in! Listen LIVE tonight at 7pm 107.7 FM and livestream

If you wanna be a part of the convo, pick up the phone and call 778-574-1077 so we can chat!

Talk to you at 7!

Processing bad news publicly

By | Ian Power, News

There is an angle to these salacious stories that keep coming out about Hollywood and TV types abusing their mantles of power.  That angle is collateral damage.

Now first and foremost, let’s understand that this damage is far down the list to that of the victims and their families that are having to deal with the onslaught of scrutiny from both the public and the media. But in some cases, like this morning on NBC and last week on CBS and their morning program, the information has to be disseminated and processed in real time, usually with heart breaking results.

This morning, the world learned that long time NBC Today Show host Matt Lauer is among the latest high profile media type to be terminated over an inappropriate situation that occurred with a co-worker, against her will, four years ago in Sochi during the Winter Olympics.  The staffer, who kept this dark secret and lived with it for four years, approached NBC’s Human Resources Department on Monday afternoon and by Tuesday evening, Lauer was gone.  Apparently, there may be a smoking gun of more than one person here, but that is not confirmed at this point, so let’s focus on what we do know.

According to Savannah Guthrie, the co-host of today and Hota Kotb, another co-host, the staff of the Today Show, on air and behind the scenes, were informed of the decision to fire Lauer as they arrived to work this morning.  They then had to lead with the news of the firing of their friend, on live TV, and keep it together.

When we get news of that nature outside of that bubble, we all have time to process our emotions, ask questions and take the time to compose ourselves.  In this case, Guthrie, Kotb, and Al Roker, Lauer’s friend and co-worker of 30 years, did not.  You can call it a by-product of the business that they chose to be in, but that is cold hearted.  It was a punch to the gut or lower, and everyone had to watch you take one on national television.  It cannot be easy.

These people, Lauer’s co-workers, have done nothing wrong here, they are now left holding the bag and having to explain the behaviour of someone that they trusted, to millions of viewers who trusted Lauer for years.  Not an easy thing to do.

It amplifies the transgression, and truly shows the nature of the person.  Lauer doesn’t have to go on the air to explain why he was an ass, his friends had to.  The behaviour shows that the transgression was purely selfish and self serving, because as a person in power, Lauer probably felt that he is Matt Lauer, and he didn’t have to answer to anyone.

He will be answering to his kids, his friends and co-workers, and the viewers he let down today.  Let’s see how he handles that.

I have already caught the spirit of Christmas

By | Ian Power, News

I know…what is wrong with me?  It is still four weeks until Christmas Day and yet today, I feel ready to celebrate.

There are a number of factors, one being that our station PULSE FM has gone all Christmas music beginning today and running through December 25th (shameless plug).  But coming in this morning at 5:10 AM and hearing the sleigh bells ringin’ and jing jing jinglin’ put a smile on my face.

Then there was a trip to the Surrey Food Bank on Saturday.  Our station was named by the Surrey Food Bank as an ‘Over and Above’ Media Contributor to the cause and we could not be more humbled by the acknowledgement.

14000 people need the food bank every month, and to be seen as a station that contributes to any kind of success that this fine organization has in taking on this task monthly, it is truly heart warming.

Being in this business, I have had the fortune of being involved in Christmas Pledge Days, Bikes for Kids, Toy Mountain and other Christmas initiatives, and each time I get to be a part of this, it makes me thankful for what we have and more importantly, what others need.

All I want for Christmas now is to know that as many people as possible have a warm meal, a warm coat and the comfort of a warm home.

I already have that, the goal now is to pass it on.



Asking the right questions when adopting an animal

By | Ian Power, News

We took the plunge…again.

My wife and I spent a number of weeks looking for a buddy for our 4 1/2 year old cat Ginger.  She had been alone for a year and after speaking with our vet, we all felt the time was right for us to explore getting a new buddy for The Ginge.

As much as I speak about this on the air, especially with Leah Holiove and Neil Morrison, both of whom are cat owners as well…this is a process.

Finding the right fit for your family can be a process, and quite frankly should be!  You can’t just pick the first fur ball you see, you have to do some homework and make sure the fit is as good as it can be.

Our cat Ginger had been beaten up relentlessly by our previous cat Muffin, to the point of where we had to surrender her back to the organization that we had adopted her from, after three years of lots of love from us it was heartbreaking.  But this organization did not give us all the details on Muffin, and we found out later that four of her litter had been returned due to the fact that the cats were feral.

Our cats are indoor cats, and as much as we tried everything for Muffin to succeed, nothing worked.

This time around, the vet, a gentle soul by the name of Dr. Carly from the Oxford Animal Hospital, said that if we are going to get a little buddy for Ginger, get a wee one, a little kitty, and get a little boy, as it seems that little boys and girls that aren’t littermates have the best chance for success.

***An aside here, everyone one has a different opinion on what is and what isn’t the right fit.  You will only know yourself what the best fit is by asking questions.

After a few months of looking, I spotted Freddy!  Our new little boy was on the website of the Cat Therapy and Rescue, who do their adoptions thru the PetSmart franchises.  PetSmart doesn’t make money off of the adoption, that goes to the agency.  PetSmart makes their cash from you buying everything the cat needs.

Yesterday, the adoption for Freddy was $200…and even though I have tonnes of cat stuff at my home, I had to get different food, another litter box and other supplies…another $200.  Now I will also take the squirt in to the vet for a look and check up from Dr. Carly, kiss another $150…

$550 in the first couple of days…and 20 years of love and attention required…it is an investment and worth every penny if you love animals.

BUT ask the right questions and as much as you might love what this cutie looks like, don’t take the plunge unless you KNOW it is the right fit.




Are you being nudged?

By | Ian Power, News

Gas taxes, GST, carbon tax, tax, tax and more tax…for a region of the country, for that matter North America, that is so unaffordable, have you had enough?

We have a couple of options here in Surrey and South of the Fraser; we can choose to endure, and most of us do, the level of taxes that are required to live in the area, or we can choose to cross the line and take advantage of some savings South of the Border in the USA.

Keep in mind that no everything is a deal down the in the US, but for the day to day stuff, the tangible items, like gas, dairy and other goods, the savings are enough to nudge me to shop south of the 49th.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my country and I am Canadian through and through, but when push comes to shove and I can get goods and services for less, why would I not shop elsewhere.

We do it all the time, so what makes shopping in America so bad?  Most of us vacation there, so why should shopping be any different, especially if I am shopping across the line for the affordability it gives to my family?

One of my guests this morning on Pulse of the Fraser was Peter Shawn Taylor, a journalist back east who wrote an interesting piece on Fat Tax, the taxing of convenience foods.  Governments believe that they can change your eating habits by imposing a tax on what you eat…you only tick most of us off and we shop elsewhere.

You can read that article right here.

Peter also mentioned the term ‘NUDGE’.  Government feels that they can nudge you into the direction that they want you to go by either incentivizing or in most cases, penalizing you and your certain behaviours that you might have.

My friend and cohort Neil Morrison wrote about his NUDGE last week, smoking and trying to quit.  Neil believes that if there was more of an incentive than what is currently out there that he may very well be able to give up the habit…God knows he’s tried!

But Neil is like many, the tax on cigarettes, which is excessive and now will cost the average smoker about $12-15 a pack, isn’t enough of a penalty to quit.

I spoke about going across the line to shop…and I am going to test the theory.  I am heading across the border to pick up some supplies and then I will compare them to pricing back here in Canada.  I will not cherry pick, I’m just going to shop and then compare prices when I return.  Some things might be deals while others, not so much.

I will see if my itch will be scratched here.  If I can find a way to save $20 a week, that is $1000 per year.

I will give you my report with a little receipt evidence tomorrow.

In the meantime, please have a listen to Peter and I discuss his report and nudging.






Date Did What??? Nov 21

By | Jill Sinclair, News

Are you a serial dater? Maybe you’ve found your “almost Mr. or Mrs. Right” but feel like, just mayyyybe that perfect mate is still out there for you? Well, my first guest Susan Semeniw believes you need to stop focusing on the quantity and the “Paradox of Choice” and commit already! [Insert glove slapping face right here]

Susan Semeniw is the Head Matchmaker and Love Coach at Divine Intervention Matchmaking Services. She’s an intuitive feeler that brings her people skills to connecting, coaching and bringing her clients into the reality of what love can be. In common-speak, the gurl knows what she’s doin’.

And, Susan doesn’t have a shy bone in her body, in fact, she frequently scopes new “love interests” for her clients, whether she’s out for lunch or buying up goodies at the sex shop. Yes, she’s a big advocate for keeping it spicy in her relationship too by the way.
Susan is going to bring her no holds bar opinions to our airwaves and you’re gonna want to tune in! Listen in LIVE Tuesday night at 7pm 107.7 FM and livestream

Any man whose Instagram handle starts with “Mr.” is someone I wanna to go toe-to-toe with and my second guest will have that pleasure. Andreas Willms is known as Mr. Real Estate and he’s known for his high end taste and his never ending line-up of dates. I’m going to probe a little deeper into what makes him tick and what a single man really is looking for, in order to put a ring on a single lady. Cue Beyonce.

Andreas is German born and grew up on a farm. We’re going to see what roles he envisions for himself and the future missus. And chances are, my first guest Susan, is gonna stick around and school “Mr. Real Estate” a thing or two about the QUANTITY dating thing and steps to make love stick for his future wife. I don’t know about you, but I’ve already ordered my popcorn for that!

Tune in Tuesday at 7pm 107.7 FM and livestream!

If you wanna be a part of the convo, pick up the phone and call 778-574-1077 so we can chat!

Talk to you at 7!



When is the right time?

By | Ian Power, News

It is the oldest question in relationships:

When is the right time?

It is multi-faceted; when is it the right time to ask him/her:

  • Out on a date
  • Out on the next date
  • To have sex
  • To move in
  • To meet the parents
  • to meet the kids
  • to get married
  • to start a family

…and on and on and on.  With relationships, the right time is different for everyone.  I’m not a relationship guru at all, but is speaking with a number of great guests on PULSE of the Fraser, from Deanna Cobden (dating coach), to Jill Sinclair (host/author) to Maureen McGrath (nurse/sexual health expert) and others, the path on all of these questions is clear.

You need to have the conversation. 

That may mean you have to put your self out there and be vulnerable, but if you cannot be honest in your relationship, then you will always be in the weeds waiting for the shoe to drop.

If you want to go on a date…ask the person.  If it is the right time, then great.  If not, find out when and if you cannot, then move on.

My wife always laments the fact that both men and women find it difficult to come to the conclusion that sometimes ‘they just aren’t into you’.  So why not find out early and get it out of the way…it will save you the time and the anguish.

Everyone of the questions above can be dealt with through conversation, just understand that you have to be honest with yourself about what the expectations will be.

You may not want to hear that now is not the right time to hit the sack…but at least if you don’t get to that destination right away, you will hopefully get the road map.


Working through the pain of loss

By | Ian Power, News

Ian MacDonald is a pro.

Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to speak with Cst. MacDonald of the Abbotsford Police Department about a number of different issues and what separates Ian from others in his profession is the ability to not take himself seriously.

Ian knows when he has to put the pedal down and lay out the facts of an investigation or the circumstances surrounding a situation that develops in his city, but also knows that in our conversations he can throw shade on me and I can crack him too.

It gives him the proper balance to do what is never an easy job; reporting on various crimes and news in his department.

It did not prepare him for the loss of his colleague nearly two weeks ago.

Cst. John Davidson, as most of you know was shot and killed in the line of duty while attending the scene of an alleged car theft.  Davidson has probably over his many years of duty has handled hundreds of these calls, and while never routine, this outcome could not have possibly been anticipated by anyone.

I called Ian MacDonald late on the day of the incident.  I didn’t call him as Dave from PULSE, I called him as Dave his friend.  He answered my call and I spoke with Ian for about 5 minutes.

He was numb, dumbfounded by what had happened and now just trying to put together a number of different aspects of what became perhaps the toughest day not just of his career, but of his life.

Having to figure out and sort through the information to relay in a colleague’s death in the field.

I kept in touch with Ian since and let him know that I was there to speak with him…and to listen.  Late last night, which for me is just after 9 PM, (I am already in bed as my day begins at 4:30 AM), my phone rings, a private number, and I pick it up.

It was Ian.

‘I am ready,’ he said.  ‘Let’s do this’.

Ian MacDonald appeared on PULSE of the Fraser this morning at 8:05 AM.  He was composed, professional and answered every question that I had for him on this day.  Just like he always has, just like he always will.  Yet he admitted on the air that he didn’t know if he would get through the conversation.  He is still trying to process the loss.

He will be for a very long time…and Ian, it’s not just me that has your back.  We all do.  It’s the very least that we can do.

Thanks for taking care of us…again.