Bad Habits

By November 1, 2018Neil Morrison

A recent survey done by a research company known as ‘Research Co’ released the numbers yesterday and 64% of British Columbians feel driving habits in the province have gotten worse. That’s the highest percentage in the country when compared to Alberta drivers (53%) and Ontarians (51%).

Two things that were a very common themes when surveying Canadians on their driving habits: 

#1 – Respondents never felt they were the problem. 

#2 Those aged 18-34 blamed bad driving on those aged 55 and up, and the 55 and up crowd blamed young drivers. 

This study released the day before new driving penalties come into affect in this province. 


From my own personal experience what I see on a consistent basis on each and every road or highway in this province is Speeding, Not Signalling, and rivers taking unnecessary chances. 

And let’s not even talk about Distracted Driving.