By February 27, 2019General

Today being Pink Shirt Day I wanted to share the story of a former fellow student named Michael Bechard.

He and I went to high school together and he was bullied incessantly during his time at school. Michael was a different guy. He had issues and didn’t really get along with anyone and didn’t have any friends. Bechard as everyone called him didn’t make things easy on himself as he would do some things in class that drew unwanted attention. One instance we were in music class and he started laughing uncontrollably and for no apparent reason. He then started blowing into his trumpet all while cracking himself up.

It was just one of a number of things Bechard did to get dubbed, ‘Weird.’

Some of the cooler kids thought it was okay to make fun of him. One kid challenged Bechard to a fight after school knowing he wouldn’t show up and he would terrify him.

Bechard showed up.

Two punches later the cool kid was on the ground toting a brand new fat lip.

Nobody picked on Bechard ever again.

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