Break up the Break!

Spring Break 2019 will be here before we know it! What do you have planned with your kids?

Since the break is now 2 weeks, it makes it even more challenging to fill the time.  It also feels like there was a lot of time off in February for the snow (it was only 2-3 days depending on whether you were able to get out, but wow it felt like a LONG time!) – PLUS if you were like 90% of the population you had some kind of massive illness running through your house that needed to be quarantined.  Phew.  We are DEF ready for spring.

Many people are taking advantage of a longer break and taking a getaway, whether local or a tropical destination.

But many of us working parents are looking for those spring break camps to help bridge the gap.  If you have a child that is 10, 11 or older – they might be able to manage for an hour or two after school, but we don’t necessarily want them having full days on their own.

What I was shocked to discover about “camps” is that it’s extremely difficult to find a camp that actually covers the time you need.  They may call it a “camp” and it’s a two-hour class.  That’s great for breaking up the day or taking the opportunity to learn something new, but it doesn’t really help if you’re actually seeking care for your child.  Some are also offered just 9-3 which is helpful but if you’re working and commuting… may not help either.  (Usually “extended hours” are available – at an extra cost)

When I was a kid there was one option, you did the camp at the West Richmond Community Centre and a bunch of high schoolers led you through some “activities” and you played on the playground.  (I remember also going door to door to collect bottles for some unknown cause which I suspect was their beer fund.)

You might also just take a day or two and go do something fun – spend a day on a mountain, hit the Seawall, or explore a new park.

Here’s some options for daycamps in Surrey and White Rock.  There are a diverse set of camps, pretty much anything you are interested in is available.

There are also a number of specialty camps through individual organizations.  With so many families in Surrey, it seems impossible to provide a truly comprehensive listing, but here are a few more that my kids would love to do (or have done).  Feel free to send me an email with any others that you think are cool!

Arts Umbrella South Surrey (PDF)

Urban Safari

Alex House – Fresh Air Spring Break Nature Camp 

Tong Louie YMCA Spring Break Camp