Bumps, bruises and other tragedies

By February 24, 2019Community, Jen Robbins
photo from listener

Photo of Pulse listener Tiffany’s child’s injury from Facebook.

I have two boys and a girl.

While my boys certainly did their best to inflict pain on themselves by any means necessary, we didn’t have to visit the ER for stitches until my daughter was 3.

One little monkey was jumping on the bed and hit her head on the dresser, and oh boy you sure know when you need stitches.  The blood, my goodness the blood.

My kids have all had concussions (generally from doing something I told them not to, of course).

But with a 7, 10, and 13 year old, I’d say I’ve done pretty good having only one set of stitches, wouldn’t you?!  On my Instagram, 57% had NOT had stitches or broken bones, but there was quite a lively discussion (including photos!) on Facebook.

It’s definitely worse for us as parents, especially those of us who are squeamish.  Sitting in the hospital waiting room and then having to watch as they stitch up your child’s face and telling them “it’s all going to be A OK” while trying not to gag and remain calm, is a real parenting challenge.

The moral of the story kids, is that your mom is right. Do NOT jump on the bed or you will fall and break your head!  But oh, what a story to tell.