Why Can’t We Be Friends?

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Late last week I was drawn to a friends Facebook post that espoused how extraordinary Barack Obama was as the 44th President of the United States. She expressed heartbreak at what she saw as a growing divide among the American people under the presidency of Donald Trump. She worries for her American friends and family, including next to kin, that the US is losing its way.

It was a moment put to words on Facebook, accompanied by a video, when something dark, perhaps sinister began bubbling up through what became a long thread of anxious discourse. In response to my friends post one of her Facebook “friends” took great umbrage and spat back in defence of her beloved Trump. It may have been ok, under free speech, to allow for her to express an opposing view. But when the vitriol became personal all bets were off.

Suddenly the longest, most open and undefended border in the world felt like it was rapidly unwinding. We are awkward and periled in these uncertain times. Our next door neighbour has seen and found the need to show its mighty strength through the oval office or Mar a Lago for that matter. And, as true friends and neighbours we have stayed out of it. But enough is enough and locking babies in cages may have been the last straw where it would simply be wrong to remain quiet.

It seems everyday my newsfeed is full of “friends” snapping at each other and emotions are running high with worry.  So, why can’t we all just get along?

I suspect the frenzy of (mis)information we consume and the divide and conquer style of the POTUS is exactly the plan. We watch in horror while diversion after diversion clouds and derides our thinking. The result is not really unexpected, neighbour turning on neighbour, just as friends are turning on friends. We must continue to take the high road. This is what we have always done as Canadians and what most of the world has come to expect. One can only hope in the longer scheme of things this will be but a blip on the political map. Regardless of what side of the political spectrum you fall let’s be sure to treat one another with respect and dignity. After all, like it or not we’re all in this together!

Ian Power


Oh Canada Trivia

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Play #OhCanadaTrivia June 25-29 on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @Pulse1077 !

Guess correctly for your chance to win a family 4 pack of tickets to Cultus Lake Adventure Park and a Free Jumbo Pizza!

One winner will be selected daily. Happy Canada Day!

Coleman Hell Concert Photos

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Last weekend June 16 2018, Coleman Hell was in the Lower Mainland for an outdoor concert at the Red Truck Brewery.

As it was a hot day at the festival, he hit the stage in his own unique classic summer outfit: red blazer and black shorts!

Coleman started off the night with “Fireproof” ,  strummed a banjo for “Devotion”, and ended the show jumping to his popular “2 Heads” song, which really got the crowd going!

Check out some photos we took of Coleman Hell at the Truck Stop Concert Series 2018!



North Delta Family Day Parade Map

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This Sunday June 24 2018, don’t miss the Pulse FM Cruiser powered by Freeway Mazda at the North Delta Family Day Parade at 11am!

Check out the parade route map below! Its happening by Burnsview Secondary School along 112th Street and 72nd Avenue. See you there!



Get ready for Concerts at the Pier in White Rock

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The White Rock Business Improvement Association,  TD Bank Group, and the City of White Rock present the 4th annual TD Concerts at the Pier in July and August 2018, sponsored by PULSE FM.

Four concerts will happen at the Main Stage east of Totem Park on White Rock’s waterfront, and two concerts will take place at Five Corners.

The Concerts are FREE.

Thursday, July 5 HONEYMOON SUITE – East Beach
Saturday, July 14* BIG CITY SOUL – Five Corners
Thursday, July 19 DANIEL WESLEY – East Beach
Thursday, July 26 THE LONELY celebrating the music of Roy Orbison & BIG RIVER tribute to Johnny Cash – East Beach
Saturday, August 11* ABRA CADABRA tribute to the Music & Magic of ABBA & THE PIANO MAN a tribute to Billy Joel & Elton John – Five Corners
Saturday, August 18 NORTHERN PIKES – East Beach

The July 14th show and August 11th shows will take place at Five Corners.

Don’t forget to shop around, dine out, and support some of the local businesses!

For parking (at the EAST BEACH events only) – drive down to the Semiahmoo First Nation Lot
behind the Washington Avenue Grill, and then you can either take the FREE shuttle to the concert,
or enjoy the short walk on the promenade.

*Article courtesy of White Rock BIA.

That Kindness Challenge

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After talking about all the rude things that people say (boy did my social media blow up!) it created a bit of a negative energy, having people revisit some of the more hurtful things that they go through.  Venting is always cathartic, and sometimes we can share a perspective, but it can also lead to more complaining and that never really leave you with a good feeling!

So a good friend suggested that we flip the switch and I’m all for it!

This week, say something nice to someone!  It can be a stranger, a text to a friend, a phone call – anything for the sake of making someone else smile.  It doesn’t have to be huge, but do it on purpose! Tag #ThatKindnessChallenge if you want to share it with us so we can create a new, positive energy!

And….. go!

Laundry Laundry Laundry

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At my house, if there is not something in the washer or dryer – you are getting behind.

We are always washing something in this family of 5 humans + 2 dogs.  The pillows, the sheets, the clothes, the shoes.  I throw everything in the washer.  And then of course, there’s the wash the washer cycle.

If I had to sort through everyone’s clothes and put everything away, it would never ever do.

My laundry hack is to do a load of just one person’s laundry.  Then if it doesn’t get folded immediately (RARE) they have their own basket to go through or even fold themselves.  My children don’t have much in the way of white or delicate clothing so it’s fine to throw it all in together.

My towels aren’t folded delicately in a linen closet nor are my dishcloths.  Towels go in a big basket in my bathroom because we use so many, and if I kept them in the hall closet there would be a lot of wet naked people walking around this house.  Dish cloths and towels are dumped in a drawer.  Many would coil in horror upon seeing my drawers but as long as things are tucked away and easy to find when I need them, I am good to go.

Do what works!  Sometimes it’s all about survival mode and laundry is technically never done (unless you are a nudist).


Uncomfortably Numb

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So much of what we do is in a vacumn. Even vacumning is in a vacumn. Bear with me, but who if anyone ever notices when you cut the lawn, or do the dishes, or get through the day to day? There is a disconnect and the wind is blowing in from the south.

The President of the United States has decided that now is a good time to take his protectionist trade offense to a new level. And, belive me the bar has been set pretty low. He suggested that we as Canadians go to the US simply to buy goods and to escape paying “tarrifs”. He even went so far as to suggest that if we bought shoes state-side we’d scuff them up to disguise the new purchase. Makes no sense to me whatsoever. In fact, when we return to Canada we may or may not be required to pay a duty (different than a tarrif). The point here is that when we shop in the states the economic winner is the USA. For the record, I am just as happy in most cases to shop wherever it supports the local economy.

Let’s not discount our friends and family whom we visit from time to time.

Next comes abhorrent treatment of refugees crossing the US border to the South. American authorities rounding up children and puting them into essentially chicken wire cages. So much for woman and children first. It’s not how we receive imigrants runing scared across our Canadian border. For many, it’s not that they wanted to leave everything behind, but they had to. Rest assured we have a comprehensive screening process and thankfully from time to time it works.

The President has always been the master of diversion. Look over there! Where? Today, he did a 360 and signed an Executive Order suspending the segregation of parents and children. I’ll take it, but don’t get too comfortable or complecant. Let’s push through the numbness. Everyone wins!

Ian Power



Do You Hear The Pulse Contest

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Where do you hear the Pulse in your Neighborhood?

Which store? Office? School? Community Center?

The next time YOU hear 107.7 PULSE FM being played,
let us know where you heard us, by emailing the business name & location to:

You could win 2 tickets to Cultus Lake Adventure Park!

And the place that’s playing us gets a chance to win a $250 dollar
culinary experience at a Joseph Richards Group restaurant.

So… where do you hear the Pulse?

Rude Questions

By | Community, Jen Robbins

“Was that an oops baby?”

“When are you going to get married?”

“Do your kids have the same father?”

Just a few of the questions that have been asked by seemingly friendly people, not realizing that life is complicated and your simple question could come across as well, RUDE.

Most of us are just making conversation when we ask things like, “so when are you due?” without thinking.  Or maybe we are trying to find common ground.  For example, maybe you yourself had an unplanned baby and you assume that someone else did too… but the reality might be that they struggled for years to have that baby.

Maybe you’re dying to get married, but you’re struggling through some issues with your partner.  It doesn’t feel great to be asked that question unless you have an answer.

Questions about pregnancy or babies can be dicey. We don’t always know who is struggling with fertility.  And of course, if you don’t know for sure if someone’s pregnant – DON’T ASK!  (Don’t worry, we’ll let you know!)

You should never be afraid to start a conversation, but taking a moment to think about your question and just who you’re asking might be a good idea.