Uncomfortably Numb

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So much of what we do is in a vacumn. Even vacumning is in a vacumn. Bear with me, but who if anyone ever notices when you cut the lawn, or do the dishes, or get through the day to day? There is a disconnect and the wind is blowing in from the south.

The President of the United States has decided that now is a good time to take his protectionist trade offense to a new level. And, belive me the bar has been set pretty low. He suggested that we as Canadians go to the US simply to buy goods and to escape paying “tarrifs”. He even went so far as to suggest that if we bought shoes state-side we’d scuff them up to disguise the new purchase. Makes no sense to me whatsoever. In fact, when we return to Canada we may or may not be required to pay a duty (different than a tarrif). The point here is that when we shop in the states the economic winner is the USA. For the record, I am just as happy in most cases to shop wherever it supports the local economy.

Let’s not discount our friends and family whom we visit from time to time.

Next comes abhorrent treatment of refugees crossing the US border to the South. American authorities rounding up children and puting them into essentially chicken wire cages. So much for woman and children first. It’s not how we receive imigrants runing scared across our Canadian border. For many, it’s not that they wanted to leave everything behind, but they had to. Rest assured we have a comprehensive screening process and thankfully from time to time it works.

The President has always been the master of diversion. Look over there! Where? Today, he did a 360 and signed an Executive Order suspending the segregation of parents and children. I’ll take it, but don’t get too comfortable or complecant. Let’s push through the numbness. Everyone wins!

Ian Power



Wish You Were Here

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Random thoughts for Dad on Father’s Day:

Dad, Husband, Brother, Uncle, Grandfather, GREAT Grandfather, Friend, Colleague,


Humour, Jazz, Crooners, Comedians,

Teacher, Coach, Enforcer, Empathetic, Caring, Compassionate  ⎯

Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse, Baseball, Football, Snooker & Bowling Too!

I remember the time he walked in while I was watching curling on TV and he said, don’t tell me what’s happening here because I’m recording this round so I can go back and watch it in slow motion. He loved sports.

He loved a lot of things in life – none more than his family! He and my Mother set the Example Bar pretty high. Value, Values! Forgive, Forget… Life’s Too Short! He always said that … and  “the difference of opinion …. is what makes horse racing.”

Never complained, He always persevered.

Stubborn, Strong and Always On Time. Thank You is two words! I wanted to come up with just the “right” word to describe my dad. “Generous” – in all ways, always and “Kind” ― One of a kind!

I miss him.

Ian Power


Hold On To Hope — There Is Always Help

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It struck hard the news that a second celebrity who seemingly had it all took their own life this past week. Kate Spade was a famous fashion designer and entrepreneur who was reportedly obsessed with Robin Williams death. A telling sign of the times. The other, Anthony Bourdain, a rebel chef, author and television personality who was fascinated by culture and the human condition. He had no filter and was much-loved for his brutal honestly and insight. No matter their wealth of riches, adoring fans and seemingly perfect lives the one thing they shared in common was personal torment. They were completely different people with different lives and interests, but they also shared one other thing in common, they straddled the line and fell over and deep into the other side. It has occurred to me that we all, every single one of us straddle the same line and that it doesn’t take much of anything at all to push a broken soul over. Depression, anxiety are common place and most of us will go through an episode of one or both in our lifetime and then we recover and become healthy again. Others are not so lucky.  Life is fast, we are constantly being pressured and I think there is a palpable lack of leadership, certainly at the political level these days. I am not sure if mental health issues are any greater than they were fifty or 100 years ago, but today the world we live in has never been more connected. So, it begs the question, if we are so tethered and caring is this the real life or is it just fantasy (apologies to Freddie Mercury)? It’s a low ball question that requires greater insight and expertise to answer. We are constantly reminded to seek help, to reach out, to hold someone’s hand when our mental health is raw and exposed. However, too many times there is nothing left to hold except for that very fine line I mentioned earlier. And, in too many cases we know how that ends. On Pulse Mornings we intend to seek out experts in the field of mental health. We will attempt to find answers to the many questions plaguing us all. More so, we want to find out where to turn for professional help in a fulfilling and meaningful way. Let’s get over the stigma, no matter how difficult it becomes, to find a way to stay on the life side of the line. There is after all, so much to live for.

In the meantime if you are experiencing anxiety or depression, suicidal thoughts, distorted thinking or any other mental distress call 9-1-1 in an emergency or the Fraser Health Crisis Line 24/7 at 604.951.8855 or toll-free 1.877.820.7444 ― there is someone there to help. Please reach out!

Ian Power


Ayoba Financial Services Will Have You Shouting For Joy!

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Earlier this month I had the pleasure of meeting Arthur Claxton from Ayoba Financial Services. Over a cup of coffee at Pulse FM Arthur shared his story of how when growing up, money was tight! This scarcity led him to view money as a rare commodity, one that’s almost impossible to acquire more of. However by attending seminars and workshops as a young man he began to change his view of money to something anyone can attain and build more of through education and proper guidance. Talk about the power of thought! Motivated to share his knowledge, Arthur began a career as a financial representative for several large firms.

Throughout his 35 year career in the finance industry he’s also taught financial planning at BCIT and became a registered life insurance agent.

As Claxton explained to me, with any problem, self-awareness is the first step.

Today he’s a ‘wealth creation specialist’ for his own company: Ayoba Financial Services. He connects with everyday people to carve out a plan to help them focus their spending to meet their life goals, which often include more savings and elimination of their debts. A Certified Cash Flow specialist, Claxton provides his clients with an easy to follow, written plan.

The goal is to build wealth through simple lifestyle changes.


As he explained to me, his coaching sessions focus going over the persons spending habits and total financial picture in order to come up with the best plan for their success.

Whether it’s retirees or near retirees wanting to create a solid income stream or a young family wanting to eliminate household debt, there isn’t anyone Claxton hasn’t worked with to help attain financial success. And success can mean anything: enrolling in University, taking that dream Caribbean cruise or having more money to spoil the grandchildren. In our busy lives where so much information is being thrown at us, it’s nice to know personal, one-on-one help is available!

If you’d like to learn more about Arthur’s services, we’ll be chatting with him and learning more about the unique services he offers on

Pulse Mornings Monday, June 11th at 8:35 am.