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Taste White Rock – Primos

By | Neil Morrison, News

Saturday night I took my date down to one of my favourite restaurants on White Rock Beach – Primo’s Mexican Grill. Let’s face it, a first date the place has to be special to you. I remember Primo’s from years ago when I lived in Vancouver. It was my favourite Mexican restaurant when located at Granville and 12th for so many years before Primo’s grandson – Joel – and his wife brought the location to White Rock last year. My date had never been before. I guess I picked the right place because, well, she’s agreed to go out with me on a second date! We took advantage of the $30 fixed menu offered at many restaurants as part of Taste White Rock. The food was awesome – as was the service and atmosphere. It’s a casual spot with some of the most authentic and tasty Mexican food you’ll find south of the Fraser. If Tequila is your thing, you’ll find a huge selection of tequila from bottom to top shelf. And when you go, you have try one of their unique Margaritas too. They aren’t cheap, but they are definitely worth the price. All in all dinner, drinks, desert and the bill came out to less than $100. Primos is one of the wonderful restaurants that adorn the strip in White Rock. What better time to try something new than during Taste White Rock.

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Men Wearing Women’s Clothing Is The New Trend?

By | Neil Morrison, News

NY Times wrote a story last week. headline read, ‘Are skirts the next men’s fashion trend?’ We’re living in a time where gender equality is being called for. A fashion show in in London recently featured men wearing skirts on the runway. No shirts and just white flowing skirts. So will we start being men wearing skirts? Don’t count on it. It’s one thing to preach for equality and sure it’s okay to wear whatever you want. In this guys opinion skirts look great on women. With the exception of Kilts, they look pretty ridiculous on men. To each their own.




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IKEA. What do you think when i say, ‘IKEA’?


How about, ‘Pregnancy Test?’
IKEA has an ad in one of Sweden’s biggest Woman’s magazine. Apparently you can also use the ad…to tell you if you’re pregnant of not.
How bizarre does this sound?
The IKEA ad is selling a baby crib for roughly $130 Canadian. But, if you…pee on the paper it’s printed on and it shows you are pregnant, the price actually drops by 50% right before your eyes.
The PR company out of Stockhom that came up with the idea say it is NOT a joke or a gag and if you pee on the ad, you can confirm whether or not you are pregnant.
Talk about a baby shower.


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Question for you – is there more nudity than is necessary at your gym?

I ask this question because…a Vancouver Island man has lodged a complaint with the Cowichan Aquatic Centre in Duncan after he and his son thought some of the older frequenters at the centre are walking around the men’s change room sans clothing.
Nothing crossing the line going on he believes, but – and I can understand where this guy is coming from when i say – What is wrong with using a towel to cover yourself up?
It happens at my gym too. Being honest, some of the, ‘older statesmen’ do the same thing.
Okay sure, it’s the gym – but isn’t there a little room for some cover-up? Towels are given out for free at my gym. There not only for drying, but for covering parts up that we don’t need – or may i add would appreciate not seeing.
You’re not going to get rid of all nudity – it’s a gym. But there should be some form of, ‘etiquette’ in play here, no?

What’s In A Name?

By | Neil Morrison, News

The BC Government just released the Most Chosen First Names of children for 2016. It’s a little surprising given some of the classic names that continued to be chosen by parents on behalf of their little ones. Top 5 boys names in BC for 2016:

5) Jacob

4) James

3) Liam

2) Ethan

…and the most popular name for a boy born in BC in 2016 – Lucas.

231 babies were named Lucas in 2016.

Top 5 girls names:

5) Amelia

4) Emily

3) Sophia

2) Charlotte

…and number one with 265 baby girls in 2016…Olivia.

For a full list of babies names throughout BC in 2016 you can go here: Of the 45,399 babies born in this province on 2016, more boys (23,210) were born than girls (22,188 )



By | Neil Morrison, News

Over the weekend people trying to return from the US were met by horrendously lengthy wait times at both Peace Arch and Pacific Crossing. Border officials say a sign that tells travellers border crossing times wasn’t working and the result – waits of over 3 hours. However, if you spoke to travellers coming back from the US, they say construction and lack of gates open Saturday was the real problem. Truth is, both are the cause of the line-ups. Actually, lets scratch that. The reason why border line ups are so offensively long is due to border crossing that are too small. Specifically Peace Arch and the Pacific Truck Crossing. When expansion was done some years ago now, the only thing that it did was catch up to long wait times then – not now. And then we were offered Nexus lanes that was supposed to make wait times shorter. That has worked to an extent, but overall border line-ups during holidays and peak times are ridiculous. And the only way they are going to get better is by continued expansion and/or possibly the creation of another crossing point. The only other answer seems to be the expansion of Aldergrove and Abbotsford to handle some of the overflow that we’re seeing at Peace Arch and Pac Hwy. Otherwise, those line-ups will continue to grow. Three to four hours waiting in a line-up to cross a border is a lesson in frustration and needs to be be addressed – yesterday.




By | Neil Morrison, News
On Wednesday I took my elderly mother to an appointment with an eye surgeon to see about having cataract surgery. We had gone thru a number of meetings and checks at the doctors office before having this appointment in which the doctor was supposed to explain the procedure in detail. My mother and I were called in after a short wait and when the doctor came in she immediately asked us to watch a video rather than have her explain the procedure. I could tell my mother was unsure and rather worried so I asked the doctor a number of questions on her behalf. After one of the questions which was answered with a rather oddly – I felt – I asked, ‘Are you kidding?’. And this is when the entire tone of the appointment completely changed.
The doctor turned in her chair, looked me strait in the eye and – in a very condescending manor said, ’Sir, I am avery busy person and i don’t have time for jokes.’ Okay, I first thought, she is busy and has misunderstood my question. Keep in mind, he is an eye surgeon and the closest I have ever come to eye surgery is applying eye drops.
My mother was very quickly explained the procedure and was getting nervous about the whole thing. Rather than the doctor slowing down ( my mother is almost 90 ) she turned back to me and said, ‘Well, I’m glad you’re here’ – insinuating my mother is old and she doesn’t have time to slow down and answer her questions. In the end we decided my mother would not have the surgery – which was met by an attitude of, ‘okay fine’ and the doctor leaving.
Never before have I felt belittled, brow-beaten and looked down upon by anyone the way we were this past week by this surgeon. Clearly they never taught the doctor any sort of bedside manor and just because you know how to use a scalpel – that doesn’t give you the right to act like an arrogant, self-centred, condescending…

Opportunity Vs Greed

By | Neil Morrison, News
When opportunity arises, we are told to take it. That’s what I’ve alway been taught. But what happens when Opportunity is corrupted by Greed? A recent picture of a car parked in parking spot at a mall somewhere in BC has people little upset. Perhaps it has something to do with the signs that insinuate you can have my spot…but it’s going to cost you. The person who has the sport is willing to give it up, but for $10.
Another situation involves an App that searches for wait times at local clinics – and will make you a reservation for the low low price of $5 as long as you book it thru their app. I can see the opportunity in that. Reduce someone’s wait time at a clinic and book it for them so they don’t have to wait and wait and wait…despite some crying foul it’s a great idea by the people at Medimap. What would be an even better idea? Not having to pay a fee, but someone has clearly seized an opportunity and compared to taking a parking space in a busy mall and offering it for $10 – well – there is no comparison.
Opportunity and Greed travel in very close proximity. It’s up to us to figure out which one is which.

No More Grizzly Bear Hunt

By | Neil Morrison, News
The NDP announced Monday the end of the Grizzly Bear hunt in this province effective immediately. We knew the announcement was coming, but did you really believe the province would out right ban the hunt? My immediate reaction was one of shock – albeit a pleasant one if that’s possible. I’ve never understood hunting but would be a hypocrite to voice my displeasure given I enjoy and eat meat. At a press conference Monday morning the Minster of Forests, Lands, Natural Resources and Rural development announced, “Through consultations this past fall, we have listened to what British Columbians have to say on this issue and it is abundantly clear that the grizzly hunt is not in line with their values.” 
After consulting with first nations and the public, the province found 78% of those polled were outright against the hunt. The NDP will permit first nations to still take Grizzly Bears – but for trophy hunters coming to, ‘bag’ themselves a trophy, they’ll have to go somewhere else. 
15,000 Grizzly Bears in this province say thank you. The majority of British Columbians say thank you as well.
Now of we could just tell conservation officers that ALL Bears matter, that would be great too. 

Bye Bye BOTS – Buy Our Tickets Scalpers…No More.

By | Neil Morrison, News
 The days of having to pay outrageous prices for re-sell event tickets could be coming to an end if the province follows legislation that the Ontario government has passed. In that province it will soon be illegal to re-sell tickets – to events like concerts – for more than 50% above the original ticket price. After fans of Pink, Katy Perry, and The Eagles saw ticket prices being re-sold for ridiculous mark-ups, the province announced they will look into the re-selling of tickets online.
One of the problems is something called BOTS – Software than allows the user to scoop up multiple amounts of tickets at face value, only to re-sell them online. A Quebec man is facing an investigation for allegedly making millions in profit from stealing fans tickets. And yes, I said, ‘steal’ because that is exactly what he was (allegedly) doing.
MLA Spencer Chandra says the NDP government is currently looking into a way to make sure you and I don’t get gauged again – as we already do courtesy of promoters who levy those uncomfortable service charges we end up paying on top of the original price, the taxes, and fees.
Unfortunately, even if and when legislation passes, probably not a lot they can do about shows that are already on sale – like Pink’s show at Roger’s Arena on May 12th, and Katy Perry’s two shows February 5th and 6th. However, It will be a relief to all concert goers when something is done to stop lining the pockets of those who pray on the fan of the artist (or artists).
Not a moment too soon.