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First official full day of Spring, first official day of putting off spring cleaning. (Yeah, me too) If you’ve been putting off the horrible job of cleaning anything in your home, you may have awaited far too long. According to an article by MYDOMAINE.COM, ‘This is How Often You Should Clean Your Home – According to Science’.  According to those in the know, our homes is, ‘harbouring more bacteria than a public trash can.’ That said, here’s a few things around the house you should clean – probably more than you do ( yeah, meet too)

A few examples: 

Your bedding – Every one to two weeks

Microwave – Every week

Bathtub – Every Week

Refrigerator – Once a Month 

Computer – Every Week (Did yo know keyboards collect five times the bacteria found on a toilet seat?)

Pillows should be replaced every three months according to the article. 

Carpets should be Steam Cleaned every six to twelve months.  

Bath Towels – Every Three Uses 

And finally, the Kitchen Countertop should be cleaned every day. Specifically closest to the sink due to contaminated washcloths and sponges.


Hope that’s all the inspiration you’ll need for a good spring clean this weekend. Or let’s just forget we even talked about this.



Equal Night

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Is it just me, or has winter taken a long time to move through its cycle? I am happy to report the spring or vernal equinox arrives next week. The Equinox provides an opportunity to see if we, like nature, are living in balance. Equinox means “equal night” in Latin. Many of us with embark upon a spring cleaning regime, no matter how big or small. Spring is all about renewal and as such provides the ideal platform for purging the unnecessary weights we carry in our day to day lives. It could be clearing out the garage or basement to replanting the garden. Some will go through their closet and donate unwanted or no longer worn clothing while still others will slap on a new coat of paint to freshen things up. Oh, by the way, Spring officially begins on Sunday, March 20 at 4:33 a.m. PDT — the earliest vernal equinox since 1896. Yet while people often refer to the equinox as the first “official” day of spring, there is no universally agreed upon definition for the seasons. Astronomers and Meteorologists say the spring equinox is always on March 20th. None of this, of course, needs to be or has to be complicated. Simply recognize the changing of the season and the renewal that abounds. Harness the energy, take control and find the balance that may have gone astray over the harsh winter months.

Ian Power


SBOT Woman In Business Awards

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Lark Group

Last Thursday, the Surrey Board of Trade hosted the 9th Annual Surrey Woman in Business Awards Luncheon. The sellout crowd of over 450 guests was on hand to recognize the hard work of Surrey businesswomen and their contributions to the community. What’s more, attendees were treated to Keynote speaker and former Prime Minister Kim Campbell’s humour and wisdom as she recounted her political life while advocating for woman’s leadership. Congratulations to all the winners who have made a difference including Yvonne Hogenes, Shalini Das, Elly Morgan, Roxanne Charles and Rowena Rizzotti of the Lark Group who joined me and Vanessa on Pulse of the Fraser for a conversation on her humble beginnings to her role in the corporate world as well as being a mentor to many up and coming woman in business. Rowena Rizzotti is a highly successful health care leader with a great deal of experience in executive-level leadership roles across multi-site, complex health and business environments. At present, she is vice president of healthcare and innovations at Lark Group. She created the health and technology district, a series of high-tech buildings across from Surrey Memorial Hospital and oversees its expansion and growth. It was not only a true pleasure to speak with Rowena, it was also educational and highly inspiring!  (You can listen to the interview on the Audio page)

Ian Power


Spruce Up Your Saturday Mornings with Shell Busey!

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Does your stucco have you stuck? Your grout makes you grouchy? Are you remodeling and have hit a wall?


Joining us on 107.7 Pulse FM on Saturday mornings is the infamous Shell Busey! Shell began his radio career talking about home improvement in 1983 and since then has been helping people with their projects on every platform made available to him. He’s been a guest judge on Handyman Superstar Challenge on HGTV, and regularly contributes columns to newspapers and magazine publications across Canada, including the Vancouver Province, Canadian Homestead Magazine, Cottage Magazine, Green Home Magazine and Coastlines Magazine. This jack of all trades built his career on knowing exactly what you need and now he’s bringing that expertise to 107.7 Pulse FM on Saturday Mornings at 8 AM!

“It’s just that easy, folks!”

Shell is going to teach us the A-Z’s of what you need for your home, all while answering your questions and concerns. I remember when I moved out for the first time, I hadn’t realized how much actually goes into keeping a house together (yes mom, you were right). Did you ever wonder how you could clean the cement of your walkway? What can you do to make your dull kitchen sink sparkle? And if you’re starting a bigger project, he can guide you! I know I’ve stood dumb struck in the nail aisle of a store thinking “Where do I start?”. You can start right here on Saturday mornings with Shell Busey!

Listen live here and tune in at 8 am, Saturday Mornings! >




They’ve Killed Paulo!

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Sad Sad news out of White Rock. The City by the Sea is reeling after…someone cut down a tree known as a Paulownia Tomentosa. (An Empress Tree) The tree – known as Paulo – had to be cut during renovations to memorial Park on the waterfront. The City posted an apology via the cities official site earlier today, saying in part, ‘“What we learned from arborists once the roots were exposed is that the tree did not have strong deep roots. Instead the shallow roots extended downhill near the ground surface making relocation impossible and making the tree vulnerable to disturbance.” Again, the city is very upset with Paula’s death given trees are a rare site nowadays on the WR waterfront. It’s a sad day indeed. 




Revitalizing The Flamingo

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A bit of a rollercoaster for The Flamingo Hotel here in Surrey.

What started out as a motor-hotel and a hub for Sunday family dinners and weddings in the mid-50’s turned to chaos in the ‘80s. Many of us original Surrey-ites will remember The Flamingo as the peeler bar and an area one might not want to go if they are searching for their soul mate. Over the years The Flamingo has been a hot bed of arrests, drugs, and even a couple of murders.

That is, until now.

The Tien Sher Group and Penmar Community Arts Society have teamed up to revitalize this iconic facility. Between these two groups, there is a shared value that making live music and other cultural events accessible to diverse audiences is critical to the development and revitalization of underserved communities.

While they endeavour to make this area the next Yaletown, they do so with a unique twist.

As a non-profit arts society, Penmar will be running these venues and the liquor store as social enterprise. This mean that not only are they bringing in arts and entertainment, part of the revenues goes back into their programming.

It may even be the first time a liquor store is run by a charitable organization. And even better, they are launching a delivery service for businesses.

Other initiatives they are taking on include creating a craft beer club and wine club. The revenues will support developing live music, arts, and culture outside of big metropolitan areas, specifically underserved areas like Whalley.

It’s a really neat way to build up the community through live music and special events, something we can all relate to. It’s also a great location as it’s accessible from Vancouver on the Skytrain, from Mission, Langley, and New Westminster.

While there has been a bit of a stigma because of The Flamingo and area’s history, this initiative seems to be a great way to bring about positive change.

You can find out more about the Flamingo and upcoming events by going to

Would love your feedback! Have a story related to The Flamingo or have another topic you would like covered? Drop me a line at


The Voice That Almost Barely Roared

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When you lose your voice it’s not likely to turn up at the lost and found for you to find it. And, if your livelihood depends on your voice such as a sales rep, school teacher or radio announcer it can be a real set-back. Some people who lose their voice temporarily don’t mind taking a few days off, but when you talk on the radio for a living it can be devastating! Broadcasters aren’t shy of a little whining and if they happen to lose their voice it makes whining nearly impossible. All of this to illustrate just how miserable I was for a few days when I, you guessed it, lost my voice. And, here’s the rub I had my flu vaccine this year. I was even persuaded to have a pneumonia shot as well. Guess what? Not only did I contract walking pneumonia, get a kick in the gut flu, I also lost my voice. How about a round of applause for the triple whammy? Yeah, thanks for the light lunch! I still believe in and support the vaccines as an important step in preventing epidemics in our communities to stop the spread of viruses particularly to the most vulnerable. When it comes right down to it I just don’t like getting sick, especially losing my voice. But then who does? Maybe it’s just nature’s way of saying slow down and take care. My voice is back almost to full strength, but the lesson has been learned and it’s not what you think. It comes down to what your mama always told you, wash your hands often, eat well and get plenty of rest. It’s not bulletproof, but it can save you an awful lot of precious time trying to find your voice! In the end, each one of who has been blessed with a voice would do well to care for it, just as you would any other important part of your body!

Ian Power



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A group of buyers at a condo development currently under construction in New West  have been told they need to fork over more money despite signing a contract with the developer two year ago. The buyers put money down and signed the contracts but, because when the project was sold to the developer in 2016 it was sold at $475 per square foot. Two years later developments in the area are going for between $600 & $700. One man says he has sunk his life savings into the unit and can’t afford to pay anymore up front. Many are in the same situation. The developer says they are willing to give back their deposits plus get an extra 50% back. Or, they can wait until the unit is re-sold and they will get a cut of the new asking prices minus taxes, legal fee’s and commissions. Construction on the building is way behind schedule and costs to the developer have increased, but where is the contingency plan? Where is the fairness? If this developer wants to be fair, they would honour the contacts signed and stop showing what they seemed to be all about. Greed.



Who Let The Dogs Out

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When it comes to throwing a party there’s none quite like a Chinese New Years party. And, when it comes to welcoming the year of the dog, why not throw a party for, well, dogs?! Chinese new year is steeped in tradition and there is no reason why your best friend can’t get into it. So, here I was Sunday afternoon along with my dog in the middle of around 80 canine revelers. Many of the celebrants were adorned in traditional Chinese garb, including a cap. It was really something to see. Not unlike a lot of parties they even set up a couple of eight-foot tables festooned in the finest and fanciest doggy treats. All aimed at elevating the stars of the gathering and all consumed quickly, if not with great care. It was a wonderful way to celebrate for the dogs and especially their proud owners. Dogs are moral, loyal and smart so let’s look forward to the year ahead. The year of the dog! Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Ian Power




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When I say, ‘Romantic Places’ would Surrey immediately cross your mind? Yeah, me neither, but according to Amazon, Surrey made the, ‘Top 20 most Romantic Cities in Canada’ List. Surrey was number 9 on the list. Possibly an even bigger surprise, Abbotsford was second! And BC is pretty well represented in the Top 20. 8 cities are right here in BC including the overall number one – Victoria.

This year, the Top 20 Most Romantic Cities in Canada are:

1. Victoria, British Columbia

2. Abbotsford, British Columbia

3. Whitehorse, Yukon (new)

4. Courtenay, British Columbia (new)

5. Fort McMurray, Alberta (new)

6. Spruce Grove, Alberta (new)

7. North Vancouver, British Columbia

8. Sherwood Park, Alberta (new)

9. Surrey, British Columbia (new)

10. Nanaimo, British Columbia

11. Lasalle, Quebec (new)

12. Waterloo, Ontario

13. Prince George, British Columbia

14. La Prairie, Quebec (new)

15. Grand Prairie, Alberta

16. Airdrie, Alberta (new)

17. Welland, Ontario (new)

18. Vernon, British Columbia (new)

19. North Bay, Ontario

20. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (new)

*This is not a JOKE.