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Summer Water Safety Tips

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Summer may be the best time of year but it can also be the most dangerous. According to the BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit “Drowning is a leading cause of death for children and near-drowning can result in lengthy hospital stays and can have life-long effects such as brain damage. On average in BC, there are 41 near-drowning cases that resulted in an acute hospitalization and 53 drowning deaths per year a large portion of which take place in the summer months.”

Last month’s news of a toddler in Mission who wandered away from her daycare and drowned in a neighbour’s pool was heartbreaking. I can’t imagine the pain her parents and surrounding community are going through. With that in mind, let’s make sure this summer is a safe one by following these summer water safety tips put out today by the Ministry of Public Safety:

* In any small craft, wear a properly fitted personal flotation device (PFD) at all times when on the water. Having one in the boat is not sufficient, as in as many as 70% of boating incidents, the person becomes separated from the boat.

* Children, non-swimmers and weak swimmers should also wear a PFD when wading or playing in the water at a river or lakeside.

* Do not mix alcohol with boating, swimming or other recreational water activities.
* A study published in the journal, Injury Prevention, suggests that someone with a blood-alcohol level of 0.10 has about 10 times the risk of drowning during boating as someone with none, and even a small amount of alcohol can increase the risk as a result of impaired co-ordination and judgment.

* Impairment is illegal for someone driving a boat, and is also a risk for passengers who are more likely to fall into the water.

* Impairment by alcohol or drugs is often a contributing factor in cases in which someone has accidentally fallen into water from shore.

* Be aware of the water conditions where you are planning your activities. Check the weather forecast before heading out and do a visual inspection of the area. Do not head down a river without being aware of the water conditions further downstream. If there are warning signs posted, obey them.

* If you are hosting visitors from another province or country, ensure that they are informed about the conditions that prevail in the lake or river you are visiting. Warn them about steep drop-offs, rapids, currents, cold water and any other hazards.

* Always supervise children anywhere near water. Pre-school-aged children can drown in only a few centimetres of water, and drowning is often silent. Young children should be within arm’s reach of a responsible adult. Swim lessons do not replace the need to supervise children around water.

* Never dive into unknown waters. Unexpectedly shallow water or hidden obstacles underwater can easily prove fatal. Diving from cliffs or from other great heights is exceptionally risky.

* Never swim alone. Always have a buddy, and keep an eye out for each other.

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Since when is “streaking” a crime?

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Today it was announced the “streaker” that ran onto the field in his tighty whities and a jersey at last weekend’s BC Lions game only to be pummelled to the ground by defensive back Marcell Young is now seeking legal counsel (the video has gone viral, all it takes it a simple ‘BC Lions hit’ search in Google to find it)

From what I understand the man is either looking to sue Young or the BC Lions team claiming he suffered a brain injury from the heavy hit. I say, good on him. First of all this guy wasn’t harming anybody. How many times have you been at a sporting event or a concert where a boozed-up clown decides to strip and make a run for it? It’s all just for fun. It may not be the prettiest sight but most of the time there aren’t any evil intentions behind it. And let’s not forget the guy wasn’t even naked!

Second of all, in our culture that’s all about promoting anti-bullying this was a bullyish move. The second Young hit the 20-something he was met with high fives from a bunch of his teammates. So all of a sudden it’s cool to side swipe a kid almost half your age simply because he was “on your turf”? If this was an attempt by Young to look cool in front of the crowd and online, the better thing would’ve been to start dancing, high five, or take a selfie with the guy. It isn’t a secret  the BC Lions could use some help in the marketing department as their games aren’t exactly the hottest Saturday night ticket. Taking out a fan isn’t the way to do it!

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Cabs Are Here…Not

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On Friday my Mom, Dad and me took my grandpa out for dinner for his birthday. Or at least that was the plan. My Grandpa is 89 years old and in a wheelchair. Because of this it usually takes all three of us to get him out of his chair and into my Dad’s SUV. Unfortunately in the last few months this has become too difficult. Enter Pacific Cabs! My Dad was so excited when he discovered the company has one wheelchair accessible van in their fleet. All we have to do is roll gramps into the back and you’re good to go. And all was good at least for the first time we used it.

However Saturday was another story. My Dad booked a cab for 5pm and at 6:30pm they still hadn’t arrived. The frustrating part is when you call to see where the driver’s at the woman manning the call centre tells you they aren’t able to track where the cab is. She also told my Dad there’s really no difference in booking a cab two hours or twenty minutes beforehand it simply gets added to a general list that driver’s try to get to when they can.

A part of me wants to sympathize with Pacific Cabs. Surrey is in dire need of more taxis and drivers are doing the best they can with the situation they have. But the other part of me is angry when I think of the number of seniors who must be late for appointments constantly. Seniors don’t exactly have the best memory which is why they book things ahead of time. They rely on said company to arrive somewhat on time and ring when they’ve pulled up. Just for “fun” my Dad decided not to cancel the cab just to see how long it would take for it to arrive. It never did. It’s time either Uber was given the green light or more cabs were added to the road, for seniors and everyone’s sake!

– Vanessa


Police renew appeal for assistance in taxi cab robbery investigation

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Surrey RCMP is asking the public to help identify a man who allegedly robbed a taxi driver on February 1, 2018, in South Surrey.

At approximately 11:30 pm on February 1, 2018, a male passenger robbed a taxi driver who was pulled over near 160 Street and 20th Avenue. The suspect used a weapon to threaten the driver and steal his money.  The suspect then fled on foot. The driver was not injured during this incident.

Surrey RCMP’s Robbery Unit continues to investigate this incident and is renewing its public appeal for assistance to identify the suspect.

The suspect is described as a Caucasian male, 5’8″ tall, with a medium build, wearing a black jacket, black cap and black rimmed glasses.

Anyone with more information is asked to contact the Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502. If you wish to make an anonymous report please contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS or

Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More

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My boyfriend made an interesting comment the other week. He mentioned how back where he grew up “way up north” in Lumby, B.C people were always on time. Like, always. Whether it was a business meeting, sporting event, or just the usual tailgate party on a Friday night people showed up ‘on the dot’ and not a minute later.

Here, on the west coast we’re a little more laissez faire, or at least I am. When I agree to meet a friend for coffee at say 11am usually what I”m thinking is “11am-ish” and most of the time my friends the same. But what exactly is “ish”? Is 11:10 acceptable but 11:20 is legit late? Should you text when you’re pushing past the ten minute mark or again, is it a ‘West Coast given’ that you’re still on your way?

I try to give the polite heads up text if I’m running behind but lately I realize between all the texting, rushing to get ready, and pushing the gas pedal, being late isn’t worth it even if you were able to squeeze in an extra ten minutes of Netflix. I remember a woman on Oprah saying when you’re late you’re telling the people in the room your time is more valuable than theres, which is the last thing I want people to feel! While it’s easy to just chalk things up to the west coast just being more relaxed, it’s time this west coast girl got her butt in gear!

As of tomorrow the alarm clock is going back an extra ten minutes. The naps are going to be shorter…I will arrive on time. I CAN DO THIS!

Vanessa Y



Tough Mudder – Here goes nothing!

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The last month has been a lazy one. I haven’t gone to the gym once. I haven’t eaten my fruits and veggies and let’s forget about the whole eight glasses of water a day thing. I think most people can relate when I say June is a busy month. There’s so many birthday parties, graduations, and family events that eating healthy and working out goes out the window. What better time to do Tough Mudder!

Yup, that’s right. Tomorrow my sister and me are competing in Tough Mudder at Whistler. To quote the Tough Mudder website “Tough Mudder is a series of hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle race – mud run events designed by British Special Forces to challenge the toughest of the tough.” Perfect! When I tell people what we’re doing most peoples reactions has been “Are you crazy?” Yes. Yes I am.

The main reason I signed up is for my sister Brittany. She’s getting married next month and I”m guessing is wanting to have a big adventure before the big day. Like me, she also has partaken in minimal physical exercise the last few months. However like me, she’s also an overall fit, healthy person. At this point we mine as well go through with it!

My strategy at this point is to go in more or less oblivious. Yes I’ve watched highlight reels of past Tough Mudders years ago where people are diving into three feet puddles of mud, getting shocked, and carrying ridiculously heavy logs of wood up hills. Watching it again or actually looking into what challenges we’re going to be doing is only going to psyche me out that much more. Come tomorrow morning all I can do is put on my war paint, down a shot (of coffee…maybe) and give it a go. I did the Sun Run five  years ago, how much harder can it be? If you don’t hear me on Pulse Mornings come Monday you know the answer.

– Vanessa

Joysticks and Paddles memories

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This afternoon our Pulse team got together to brainstorm our favourites memories from the 90s and 2K era. As you can imagine there was no shortage of nostalgia! From Msn messenger and MC Hammer pants to TGIF and mixed tapes everyone brought to the table what made those decades so special to them (and in most cases, tacky ha!)

The main thing that comes to my mind when I look back at the 90s is the video rental store in my hometown of Cloverdale. Every Friday my Dad would take my sisters and me down to ‘Joysticks and Paddles’  for our usual ‘five for five’ deal. Five movies for five days for five dollars. Can’t get much better than that!

Looking back I realize the place was pretty retro. First of all the outside literally looked like a barn complete with this huge dome ceiling and chipped blue paint on the outside. Inside, the place reeked of smoke and was covered in old stained carpet. But we didn’t care. My sisters and me would fling open the doors hitting the floor running up and down the aisles where we would meticulously scan each title for what felt like hours until we had the perfect VHS mix of Disney movies, rom coms and in the later years bloody thrillers to round out the weekend. We would then pull a large laminated tag from each movie we wanted and bring them up to the front where a woman would randomly disappear  for what felt like FOREVER and then come back with her arms piled high in VHX boxes for us to take home.

But wait, there’s more. At that point you were asked if you wanted to buy a gumball for 25 cents and if you get the black one then you get one movie free. Um….yeah! Me and my sisters must’ve spent hundreds of dollars on that machine over the years and never won. It didn’t matter.

Finally, the woman reminded us to ‘Be Kind and Rewind’ (what that meant at four years old I had no idea) but it sounded cool. Then, five days later we’d be back and repeat the whole thing over again. Today, everytime I drive by Joysticks and Paddles that’s now been turned into a pet store I can’t help but smile and laugh. Today, we rent movies using our thumb. Back then, it was an experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything!

– Vanessa xox


The truth about perimenopause

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Before today I had never heard of perimenopause. Maureen McGrath who is a Sexual Health Educator came on Pulse Mornings today to talk about the issue that remains fairly taboo and under the radar. Perimenopause is when a woman begins to have issues in her “lower region” for lack of a better term when it comes to sexual intimacy, arousal and orgasm. While we primarily think of this happening during the menopause years when a woman is in her forties it can actually start in your 30s or even younger. Hearing this I was completely blown away. None of my friends have ever hinted of any sexual health issues. Not to say they aren’t dealing with them, it just isn’t something you generally bring up over beers at the pub. Lucky for them Maureen mentioned there’s a cream called Genevieve that can help women overcome intimacy issues so they can begin to feel and enjoy a “normal” sex life once again. As she mentioned, it also helps with urine leakage that can be common after given birth. The first step is not being embarrassed and reaching out for help. Any one of us can be affected by these issues at any point in time, there’s no reason to feel shame! If you’d like to learn more about the Genevieve cream and other solutions you can visit the New Beauty Institute in Surrey between 4pm and 7pm tomorrow (Wednesday) where Maureen will be on hand to provide more information on women’s sexual health!

Ayoba Financial Services Will Have You Shouting For Joy!

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Earlier this month I had the pleasure of meeting Arthur Claxton from Ayoba Financial Services. Over a cup of coffee at Pulse FM Arthur shared his story of how when growing up, money was tight! This scarcity led him to view money as a rare commodity, one that’s almost impossible to acquire more of. However by attending seminars and workshops as a young man he began to change his view of money to something anyone can attain and build more of through education and proper guidance. Talk about the power of thought! Motivated to share his knowledge, Arthur began a career as a financial representative for several large firms.

Throughout his 35 year career in the finance industry he’s also taught financial planning at BCIT and became a registered life insurance agent.

As Claxton explained to me, with any problem, self-awareness is the first step.

Today he’s a ‘wealth creation specialist’ for his own company: Ayoba Financial Services. He connects with everyday people to carve out a plan to help them focus their spending to meet their life goals, which often include more savings and elimination of their debts. A Certified Cash Flow specialist, Claxton provides his clients with an easy to follow, written plan.

The goal is to build wealth through simple lifestyle changes.


As he explained to me, his coaching sessions focus going over the persons spending habits and total financial picture in order to come up with the best plan for their success.

Whether it’s retirees or near retirees wanting to create a solid income stream or a young family wanting to eliminate household debt, there isn’t anyone Claxton hasn’t worked with to help attain financial success. And success can mean anything: enrolling in University, taking that dream Caribbean cruise or having more money to spoil the grandchildren. In our busy lives where so much information is being thrown at us, it’s nice to know personal, one-on-one help is available!

If you’d like to learn more about Arthur’s services, we’ll be chatting with him and learning more about the unique services he offers on

Pulse Mornings Monday, June 11th at 8:35 am.


Airport Love

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On Wednesday I sat in the arrivals section at Vancouver International Airport for a good hour waiting for my boyfriend who had been travelling Europe for the last three weeks. If you’re an emotional sap like me there’s nothing better than watching people reunite at the airport.  From young students arriving home for the summer to a cute pair of seniors coming for a long overdue visit with their grandkids, every type of relationship and display of affection plays out in front of you, you can’t help but sit and stare like a creeper ha. All I needed was a bucket of popcorn and I would’ve been good as gold. One meetup that stands out were these two tanned twenty year olds who had clearly arrived from somewhere hot. Their whole family, grandparents and everything, stood standing waiting for them with a ‘welcome home’ sign.  When they finally arrived you could just tell by the Dad’s face and big bear hugs how much it meant to him to have the whole clan together (even though the excitement usually turns to frustration within two days ha!) Another cute encounter was this sweet little 20 year old next to me who judging by her constantly fidgeting with her cellphone and checking the arrivals board every two seconds, this was an important meet up. When she saw her equally cute boyfriend pop through the arrival doors she all but jumped out of her seat and threw herself into his arms, can’t get more puppy love than that! Skip the movies. If you want a good tug at the heartstrings make the airport your next stop on a Saturday night.

– Vanessa