Daylight Saving Time

By November 20, 2018Community, Jen Robbins

Ahhhhh this time of year brings out the nit-picker in me.  I am striving NOT to be that person and point this out on just about EVERYONE’s social media… but there are a few things I’d LOVE to set straight about the phenomenon known as Daylight Saving Time.

First of all.  Daylight Saving Time.  Not DAYLIGHT SAVINGSSSSSS TIME.  Just saving some daylight over here.  Kay?!  Kay.  (Or as the kids say: KK.)

So next up is more complex.  You know how everyone whines, complains, and is sent into Seasonal Affective Disorder by the sudden onset of darkness?  And then conversations flow about getting rid of Daylight Saving Time?  Here’s the thing: We are actually in “regular” time now.  Daylight Saving Time is when we “spring forward” to extend the daylight hours.

So when we “set it back”, we are actually setting back to “regular” time.  Meaning, if we abolished Daylight Saving Time, it would just be darker earlier starting in September.

I’ve been really good about not pointing this out to people, so I just had to get this off my chest somewhere!  I mean either way, the kids are getting up 30 seconds after my feet hit the floor.  The internal radar will not be fooled!