Fall /Winter: Time To Renovate

Contrary to what most might think, doing a renovation project, or even tackling some repairs can actually still be done in the Fall & Winter seasons. Of course, the scale of work and what is actually being done is important to consider, but the benefits are great;
The weather. It’s still mild enough to catch that bit of exterior paint on the trims or stain on the fence or deck, or even get that bit of rot taken care of. Some paints can still dry in 10 degree temperature, and the ground is still soft enough to dig for a fence post.
Trades’ availability. As the weather turns and seasonal workers disappear or go on holiday, the opportunity comes for better pricing from those who are around, tighter schedules since the sub-trades are available and even incentives to get things done before the holidays by having more trades available.
Suppliers’ deals. End of season sales, their own renovations giving deals on display models, overstocked items, or manufacturer incentives to stimulate sales, all become an advantage to capitalize on. Be aware of special order times though, because of plant shut-downs affecting fabrication times and shipping delays as holidays near.
Energy upgrades. What a better time to change the doors or windows, upgrade insulation, change the furnace for a more efficient one. Look for incentives and rebates from government agencies and even suppliers themselves as they stimulate sales.
Steve Seaborn