Festival of Lights at Bear Creek Park

By November 9, 2018Community, Jen Robbins

The calendar is in full swing, but the stars aligned.  It was early dismissal (so it didn’t feel too rushed), and with a pro-D day the next day I felt like I had a little room to breathe.  Also, when it’s not raining in November, you’ve GOT to take advantage of it!

I rounded up my kids for a trip to the Surrey Festival of Lights at Bear Creek Park.  Well, 2/3.  My 13 year old wanted the opportunity to play Fortnite without the early morning looming.  As a parent you probably know just how much work “forced fun” can be, so I left him at home and took the littles.

It was much quieter than when we went last year, no problems with parking or access.  There are a lot of photo opportunities, and given the lighting, it takes some time to get it right.  So there were a few congested areas around in-demand spots.  I can imagine on a busier night that could be annoying.

All in all it was a beautiful, cold crisp evening to enjoy this lighted walk.  On Saturday there will be food trucks and activities so if you’re thinking about going – that may be the time.  Just give yourself time and expect there will be crowds.  I love that this event is free in Surrey!