Finding quiet time… when you’re a “mom mom mommmmmm”

By November 27, 2018Community, Jen Robbins


“Mom where’s my lunch”

“Mom look at my pony!”

“Mom I don’t have any clean underwear!”

“Mom there is DEFINITELY no ketchup in the fridge!”

It’s nice to be wanted.  It’s just not very relaxed to be wanted and needed every 45 seconds of every waking hour.

Most moms really value their quiet time… time uninterrupted.  It’s hard to come by so we must look for it in places like 11:30 PM, when all children are safely in a state of REM slumber and the sound of your bottom hitting the couch won’t startle them into remembering their thirst, hunger, or book report due first thing in the morning.

Yes, we know we shouldn’t stay up late.  Yes, we know we shouldn’t hit “next episode”.  But dang it we need that quiet time to stay sane!

Unfortunately, I fall asleep as soon as I have 5 minutes of interrupted time.  I average about 12 minutes before falling asleep when watching “my shows”.

So I find the quiet time early in the mornings.  5:30 AM is a favourite time to scroll through social media feeds, make appointments, catch up on email, and take care of any other tasks that may involve brainpower.

Do you get your time early or late?