Home Prep For Fall

By September 21, 2018Community, Steve Seaborn

From a few minutes and a couple of dollars, to a weekend investment with a few more dollars, getting a few household chores in order now can make the Fall more comfortable and easier on the wallet. 

Gutter and downspouts – Clean and reseal the joints. Check /clear plugged downspouts and even inspect / flush out drain tile

Grass protection from the Chafer Beetle – The Beetle is already busy laying her eggs and it’s buffet time for the racoons, skunks, and crows. Leaving the grass a little longer (more than 2”), not only resists Mama Chafer from laying her eggs, but keeps the lawn’s nutrient’s for its own fall / winter slumber. Return upturned grass and cover with snow fence or chicken wire to keep critters out.

Take care of last minute exterior repairs – siding, roofing, stairs, decking, handrails, etc. Any rot is best dealt with now, for safety.

Clean the fingerprints and grime off the stainless steel kitchen appliances with a lint free / dye free rag and some commercial cleaner or even some WD40 (the blue can). Spray on to the rag, not the surface and never use on a hot appliance or around food preparation surfaces, without washing it off after. 

Tighten up energy efficiency – Check for grants and rebates for insulation, heating, plumbing fixtures, weatherstripping, hot water tanks, etc from local governments (civil and provincial), as well as energy providers (Fortis, etc)

Inspect weatherstripping on doors and windows. Test by holding a tissue or burning incense in front of the closed door / window. 

Plant bulbs for Spring flowers 

Check outdoor lighting and add for pathways and driveway. 

Get more use out of the outdoor living space by adding an awning or cover, some lighting, or even a heating element.

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Steve Seaborn

WKND DIY Warrior