Most Relaxing & Stressful Jobs

By March 11, 2019Community, Tara Lopez

Would you consider your job here South of the Fraser easy going or highly stressful?

We came across a list of most relaxing and most stressful jobs today on #TheRidePulseFM.

See which category your job falls into!

Most Stressful Jobs
10. Taxi driver
9. Senior corporate executive
8. Public relations executive
7. Newspaper reporter
6. Event coordinator
5. Broadcaster
4. Police officer
3. Airline pilot
2. Firefighter
1. Enlisted military personnel

Least Stressful Jobs
10. Massage therapist
9. Pharmacy technician
8. Operations research analyst
7. Jeweler
6. Medical records technician
5. University professor
4. Audiologist
3. Hair stylist
2. Compliance officer
1. Diagnostic medical sonographer