Pros and Cons of Being a New Year’s Baby

By January 2, 2019Vanessa Ybarra

I was born on New Years Day. It’s fun to tell people this because I always get a look of shock and excitement over their faces, with “no way!” the usual response. Yes, I was the first baby born at Royal Columbian Hospital in 1987 coming into the world at 5:23am. Now, it seems New Year’s babies are born literally at the stroke of midnight (I swear doctors tell women to hold off on pushing) I’m guessing “back then” it as big of a competition, but none the less….I won! (ha ha!) I was even on the front page of the New Westminster local paper when I was born (slow news days I’m assuming)

Still, there are pros and cons of being born on New Years day.

The pros –

  • You always have the day off
  • You’re always out partying or with a group of people when you ring in the day “I’m 32….woo woo!” (insert round of high fives with random intoxicated NYE strangers here)
  • It’s an easy birthday to remember
  • You get free swag when you’re born (for my parents it was a free baby seat, clothes, diapers and toys)

The cons –

  • It’s so close to Christmas by this point you’re usual partied and gifted out to have the energy to celebrate
  • Half the pubs and restauraunts are closed
  • Most people are hung over and thus too tired to call and wish a happy birthday or hang out for that matter (I usually get a flood of calls the evening of my birthday and go out a week later with girlfriends to celebrate)

All in all, the pros still outweigh the cons and I wouldn’t change my birthdate. If only I could still get free swag though…..

Vanessa xoxo
– @VanessaLYbarra