Langley RCMP increasing police presence on 16th Ave

By February 13, 2019News

(Press Release from Langley RCMP)

Langley Traffic Services will be spending a considerable amount of time in the near future conducing enforcement on 16th Avenue as it passes through Langley.

The stretch of road has been a concern for years and recent complaints about driving habits have given rise to a renewed consideration for enhanced enforcement.

Complaints to the police include reports of private vehicles using the left turn lane at an intersection as their opportunity to pass a commercial vehicle travelling east or west on 16th Avenue.  Of course, to overtake most commercial vehicles requires some distance and the overtaking vehicle ends up in the oncoming lane.

Of note, many commercial vehicles are entering red light intersections and in some cases blowing their horn as a warning as they pass through.  While most read this and smile (because we’ve all seen it), we also are acutely aware of the potential for a fatal outcome.  Residents in the area have taken to stopping at green lights to make sure no trucks are going through the red in front of them.  Unfortunately, this could also be dangerous.

Violation tickets for these offences could range from $167 to $368 or even a court appearance and as many as six points on your license.  Insurance premiums for driver penalty points range from $210 for four points to $28,800 for 50 or more points.    Drivers can review the Driver Penalty Point premium chart on ICBC’s website.

Please show consideration for your fellow motorists and drive in compliance with the provincial laws.   Not only is there a significant risk to public safety but the financial cost could be insurmountable.