True confessions: I throw out way more food than I should!  Whether it’s leftovers or just some broccoli I forgot about, I always start out with the best of intentions.  So while I might not necessarily “make resolutions”, I would REALLY like to waste less food and not feel a panic at the “What’s for dinner” question.  Of course it’s right there in the title: meal PLANNING.  You’ve got to PLAN.  (Something I struggle with!)

I got some great tips from social media on meal planning.  We can use today’s tools to help us as well.  You can go through the flyer online and see what’s on sale and plan your meals around that to be cost effective, then order right in the app – keeping a running list until it’s time to order.  (This way, you can also just look in the app if you happen to end up shopping in person!)

Tupperware, tupperware, tupperware.  Or the cheap off-brand plastic containers.  However you pack up your leftovers, pack them up right away and don’t forget about them!  My friend Shelley tells us that she makes enough for the next day’s lunches and packs up the lunches as she’s plating the dinners, and what’s leftover gets labelled and packed into the freezer.

Amy keeps a bag in the fridge freezer to put all of the scraps of celery, carrots, onions etc. and bones from chickens to make soup in her slow cooker. Great way to save scraps. I sometimes freeze wilted spinach, carrots and greens to blend into sauces or smoothies.  But I do have an abundance of frozen bananas…

So many great ideas and it just takes a few minutes to prepare/plan!