Surrey lawyer says Proportional Representation will create a more transparent, collaborative government

A Surrey human and civil rights lawyer says Proportional Representation is a fair voting system

Amandeep Singh is the spokesperson for Vote PRBC advocating for B.C residents to switch from a First Past the Post to Proportional Representation voting model come November 30th.

Singh says more than 90 countries in the world use PR and it’s high time B.C joined that list, calling FPTP unfair.

“First Past The Post was an excellent system when you have two parties and one party needs to get a majority,” says Singh. “However when we have at least three or four parties running, parties that get 30 to 40 per cent of the vote get all the power making it a fundamentally unfair system.”

Singh says PR will get more politicians to collaborate together.

“What it will force the parties and politicians to do is work together and come to form a majority over 50 per cent and work together on issues. It represents a fair system for the electorate. The majority of modern democracies in over 90 countries in the world use PR such as Australia, Germany, Ireland and it’s time we do as well.”

To get up-to-date on how First Past the Post and Proportional Representation voting models work as well Former BC Attorney General Suzanne Anton’s arguement that PR limits voter interest visit the Pulse FM Referendum 2018 page. 

Deadline to vote is November 30th.