Taste of White Rock at Laura’s Coffee Corner

By November 6, 2018Leah Holiove, News

This Monday, Taste White Rock brought us to the amazingly delicious, Laura’s Coffee Corner at 15259 Pacific Avenue in White Rock.

Upon arrival, we were pleased to see that there was free 2 hour parking across the street, which can be rare to find near the busy White Rock strip. We also quickly noticed how popular the cafe was, as many filled the walls inside and outside,  enjoying their meals.

As walked in, we were instantly greeted by friendly staff, and the especially warm-welcoming owner, Laura herself.

Laura was quick to get our meals started, and ensured to provide both meat and vegetarian options. Laura joked “I’m Italian, we like big portions”, and little did we know, she was not kidding at all! To our pleasant surprise, our seemingly “quick bite” and coffee, turned into a full blown 3 course meal, filled with hearty ingredients, generous portions, and delicious Italian flavours.

For the first course, we each started off with a bowl of soup. I had the Chicken Thai soup, that came with large pieces of chicken, rice, a great Thai red curry base, and a side of crackers. The flavours were bold, yet mild for an enjoyable spoonful all the way to the bottom.

Next, we were given a refreshing spinach salad. The salad’s fresh spinach leaves were tossed in feta cheese crumble, thinly sliced pears, crushed walnuts, and came with a balsamic vinaigrette on the side.

After we devoured our soups and salads, then came the warm, freshly pressed paninis. I was served the Hot Italian Panini, and if you can handle a bit of spice, then this panini will be your new favourite! Made with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, prosciutto, salami, capicollo, spinach, mozzarella, tomato, and banana peppers, this panini was packed full of flavour! Both panini’s came with a side of cherry tomato, a slice of cucumber and pickle, and a pepperoni pepper.

To finish the meal on a sweet note, we indulged in Chai Lattes. I enjoyed a 16oz iced Chai Latte, made with just the right amount of spice, perfect for a beautiful fall day!

What an amazing meal, and we had all that for only $20 while Taste White Rock continues until November 17th. That’s a large cup of soup, spinach salad, your choice of panini, and a 16oz drip coffee, all for just $20 as a part of their limited time Taste White Rock menu. Laura’s Coffee Corner is a must dine experience! Not only is the food delicious, the portions are extremely generous, the staff is so welcoming, and Laura is such a gem!

You can tell she really cares about her customers and the quality of food she serves them. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth here, and your stomach will feel more than satisfied! Just remember, come ready to eat!


Midday host here Leah Holiove, I had the pleasure to check out Laura’s Coffee Corner for Taste White Rock with our imaging producer Amanda Boland yesterday. I have lived in South Surrey/White Rock for a very long time and I have never had the pleasure of trying the delicious food and drinks at Laura’s. After my experience yesterday I am now wondering why the heck haven’t I ever gone into this great establishment before?

Laura herself is very welcoming and a very fine chef I must say. Being a vegetarian it is hard to find good food when you eat out, it is a constant struggle for me. So when I heard I was going to Laura’s Coffee Corner I was delighted to learn that she offers alot of vegetarian options and even for the Taste White Rock.

For starters my minestrone soup was so very yummy, I finished every last drop! Then out come one of the most tastiest salads I have ever had! It was a spinach salad with feta cheese,  pears, crushed walnuts with a balsamic vinaigrette on the side.

We weren’t even done yet! Then I received a delightful vegetarian caprese panini, I love paninis and now I have found my new favourite, thanks Laura! All of this was part of the Taste White Rock menu for $20, it could have been double that for all food we received!

We were about to leave and Laura told us we had to try one of her delicious drinks, I opted for the Chai Latte, the dirty one actually with a shop of espresso and Amanda had the Iced Chai Latte. Needless to say we were stuffed, we had to roll ourselves out and back to station in a very nice food coma.

You have to check out Laura’s Coffee Corner on 15259 Pacific Avenue in White Rock, you will love it!