They say a spoonful of sugar does the trick,

but we've got an even sweeter mix!


A cup of 90’s, a tablespoon of 2k, a dash of today, and to top it all off, a heaping spoonful of local conversation!


At Pulse FM, it’s a family recipe!


Meet the one-of-a-kind ingredients

that make our team South Fraser’s own secret recipe!

Tara Lopez

Pulse Mornings - 6 am - 10 am

Wake up South Fraser with PULSE MORNINGS with Tara Lopez from 6 am to 10 am. She’s got you covered with, ``What’s trending South of the Fraser``, #pulsefmtraffic, and information you want to know.

At the same time keeping you entertained and laughing through that morning haze as you get ready to start your day. And, let's not forget, the best music from the 90's, 2k and today that you love to listen too.

PS. Tara keeps a stash of the oh so yummy chocolates bars and other goodies to keep energized before taking the pilot's chair. Keep listening as Tara oozes her vibrant energy over the air waves.

PPS It is never too early to have chocolates, is it?

Neil Morrison

The RIde - 2 pm - 8 pm

Take your afternoon RIDE back home with Neil Morrison from 2 pm to 8 pm Monday to Friday and Weekends from 9 am to 1 pm.

He has a bucket full of fish! Just kidding. Even though he does like going fishing in White Rock in the summer. Join Neil on the Ride with jam packed community and lifestyle information, #pulsefmtraffic and of course entertainment gossip, and much more. So sit back and tap your toes and take in your powwow with Neil on your way home during the traffic jam.

PS. Neil used to just roll out of bed, give some love to his cat “Dee-Dee”, and do a quick Gangam-Style move before chatting to you on the mic. Now, he waddles his way to work, while hugging his cat ”Dee-Dee” and does a quick Spur Fun Dance to Cotton Eye Joe.

Vanessa Ybarra

Pulse Mid-day Workday 10 am to 2 pm / Content Creator

Vanessa is what we like to call Pulse FM's bonafide content creator and mi-day workday host! From standing on her head coming up with ideas for Pulse FM contests, jumping into the host seat filling in on Pulse Mornings, pushing elbows at news pressers to get that meaty soundbite, adding captivating emojis on @Pulse1077 Instagram posts AND whipping her hair back and forth cruising around the South Fraser in the Pulse FM fun mobile handing out GC's to contest winners....this Cloverdale-born gal does it all! And, she likes sharp cheese. Like, a lot.

Follow Vanessa on Twitter @VanessaLYbarra and Instagram @VanessaYbarra77

Kevin Diakiw

News Director

Kevin is an award-winning journalist who has covered news in Surrey and internationally for over 25 years. If you want a source for reputable, breaking news, Kevin is your guy!

Jen Robbins

#ThatSurreyMom - Thursdays 8:45 am

Jen Robbins has lived, worked and played in Surrey for 30+ years. Jen is a community-minded local mom with 3 busy kids between 7 and 13 and two dogs. Her glamorous soccer mom lifestyle takes her to such exciting local destinations as the medical clinic, library, local athletic and skate parks and of course, Costco. Tune in at 8:45 AM on Thursdays to hear from #ThatSurreyMom on what families are talking about this week!

Aeryon Ashlie

Workout Wednesday's at 8:45 am & #Mechallenge Tip of the day Weekdays at 7:45 AM

Aeryon Ashlie is Pulse FM’s health and fitness guru.

As a dedicated holistic, nutritional, fitness Coach, Certified ED Recovery Coach,
Author and Speaker she shares her insights to guide us to healthy choices.

After experiencing severe weight fluctuations for most of her life, a 20+ year battle
with Bulimia and a negative relationship with food Aeryon’s goal is to help others
step into Health and Wellness Sustainability.

She is a strong believer of a Holistic Intuitive Approach, with focus on the
relationship between the Mind, Body and Spirit. After years of working through her
own struggles and those of her clients Aeryon realizes that unless the internal
dialogue aligns with ones Health and Fitness goals finding consistency can be a

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