The Case of the Camo Leggings

By January 16, 2019Vanessa Ybarra

My boyfriend Deryck loves anything camo so he naturally bought me camo leggings for Christmas (similar to the ones in the picture) from Just Cozy. Only problem is they’re super tight. Like SUPER tight. We’re talking a plump sausage trying to squeeze into a bun (Is that an example? I don’t know) but they’re TIGHT.

When he asked me how they fit, I had to tell him they were a little uncomfortable. The look of disappoint over his face is one I hope to never see again. In one second his dreams of us wearing matching camo watching Netflix came crashing down.

My question is for the price of just $25 should I just suck it up and keep the leggings? They TECHNICALLY fit, meaning I can get my legs through them and over my hips, but they’re far from comfy. Think Kim Kardashian squeezing her booty into pretty much….anything. That’s what I look lie.

Or should I just be honest and return them? Relationships are based on honesty right??

Sigh…who knew camo could be so confusing.

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– Vanessa xoxo