The Five W’s of the BC Referendum answered

What: BC is holding a referendum asking whether you prefer staying with the First-Past-The-Post voting system or switching to one of three forms of Proportional Representation instead.

Who: All B.C residents can vote in the referendum. You should have have received your voting package by now however if you haven’t received you can request one online, by phone at 1-800-661-8683, or in person at a Referendum Service Office or Service BC location.

Where: Once you’ve checked off your vote you can drop off the package at any Canada Post location for free!

When: You have until December 7tb to mail in your voting package however you should have it in by November 23rd in case you need to correct any mistakes.

Why: (Statement from the B.C Green Parties website) “The referendum is part of our Confidence and Supply Agreement with the B.C. NDP. During the 2017 election, the B.C. Greens campaigned to implement a system of proportional representation, which we would have done if we had formed a majority government. However, the B.C. NDP ran on a platform of holding a referendum and campaigning on the “Yes” side. Since we didn’t form a majority government, we felt the most democratic thing to do was to go forward with a referendum.”

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Listen to Surrey Human Rights Lawyer Amandeep Singh’s argument for Proportional Representation as well Former Attorney General Suzanne Anton’s Pulse Mornings interview on why B.C should stick with First-Past-the-Post and make sure to vote!