White Rock bruised but not broken

Driving home from the states Sunday morning my boyfriend Deryck and myself decided to swing by White Rock to check out the damaged pier broken in two in December’s fierce windstorm. 

Walking along Marine Drive it was a weird juxtaposition. Here we were strolling under the warm sunshine on a calm morning, with wreckage from the violent, destructive windstorm literally in front of our face. A huge gap still separates the iconic pier that on a normal day used to have thousands of feet touch its platform, with wooden debris and other ocean material still sitting piled high off the strip >> click here to listen to a recent Pulse Mornings interview with White Rock Mayor Darryl Walker where he spoke about plans for the pier, parking issues, and more

I will say one thing. With all the hardship that’s been thrown White Rock’s way in the last year (lack of parking due to construction and the pier being closed until at least the end of summer) the first signs we saw of the new Memorial Park being built across from Uli’s Restauraunt was impressive, at least in my opinion. The new concrete platform laid out will provide a much bigger space for music festivals and people to gather in the heart of the strip and just an overall cleaner, more modern look to the area. Good things are on the horizon.

It was also nice to still see some patios busy along Marine Drive, perhaps a sign of people making a point to support local businesses during a tough time.

Check out the devastation for yourself, it really is an eye opener to the force of Mother Nature. And afterwards, treat yourself to a lunch to help keep the business economy afloat:)

Broken pier on a gorgeous Sunday


At least the birds are enjoying it


Still lots of debris around


New Memorial Park platform

  • Vanessa xoxo