Yanny or Laurel Explained

Yanny or Laurel?

By now, you’ve probably heard the cosmic sound voice endless repeating the same word over and over. That word is either, ‘Yanny’ or ‘Laurel’. This recording has people around the world losing their collective minds! Some people are hearing, ‘Yanny’, and others are hearing, ‘Laurel.’ People are kind of comparing this to the dress picture that went viral years ago. That was visual, this is audio. So why are some people clearly hearing Yanny and some Laurel? According to scientists and educators it’s a number of reasons including what kind of device your listening on, the quality of the recording, and your brain, and – here’s the big one – frequency. With that, age is definitely a factor as well. The older you get the the worse your hearing gets. If you have lost some of your higher range you may hear something different that someone who hasn’t. Oh, and if you’re wondering if it’s all a scam and they change the words randomly, in the office a number of us listened to it at the same time earlier and some people heard, ‘laurel’, and some people heard, ‘Yanny’. And some people hear something oddly in between. We apparently hear different words because of the range our brains are used to us hearing. It’s actually only one word that we’re hearing. That word is, ‘Yarel.’ 

Mind. Blown.