What code name did you use on your first Hotmail?
When you first started chatting on ICQ?
When you entered the Yahoo Chat Room?
Or when you first launched your own My Space page?
We asked our PULSE FM Team Members here South of the Fraser which usernames they had in the 1990s.
Here’s what they had to say:
Neil Morrison of #PulseMornings  – Morskin67
Leah Holiove of #PulseMornings – LeeLee
Tara Lopez of #TheRidePulseFM – BabyVortex
Vanessa of Pulse FM Promotions – Nes_Tea7
Amanda of Pulse FM Production – Minimee_123
Jas of #PulseOfTheCity – Jassie919
Here’s some unique usernames our PULSE FM listeners had chosen for themselves!