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Looks like ICBC has stopped targeting good drivers with clean driving records, and instead have gone after those also with clean driving records.

Matter of fact they have NO driving records because they’ve rarely or never driven.

ICBC has rolled out a new ‘rate structure’ that many in this province are not-at-all-happy-about (judging by the bad words written on one N drivers sticker I saw on KGB recently)

And although the opposition Liberals and may parents are not happy at all, the Province say insurance rates should reflect the risk that younger drivers represent, and that low risk drivers should no longer have to fit the bill for bad drivers.

Which is completely true.

What’s not true is penalizing an entire age group or new driver simply because they don’t have the same experience as someone who’s been driving for 30 years.

That’s discriminatory within itself.

The answer is simple. Everyone gets an equal playing field (rights. payments)

Those who choose to drive recklessly pay, those who don’t, don’t.



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