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Didn’t yur mama warn ya that bars ain’t no place to be findin’ love? Well, my first guest Nicole Haley actually encourages it, in fact, she gives workshops on how to pick up men!

Nicole’s a Relationship Coach and her teachings include how to navigate relationships, understand the opposite sex and to own one’s power. Through her workshops and signature coaching program, Nicole has helped hundreds of women to attract and keep the relationship they want.

Whether you want to re-write your love story, become a man magnet or you want to let love in, Nicole’s been through the same things as you and will uncover your love-blockers. I don’t know about you, but I wanna hear more about this man magnet course! Listen in LIVE Tuesday night at 7pm 107.7 FM and livestream

Those who are close to me know that my nickname is “Noodles” but it very well should be “Dumpling” too! My favourite meal OF ALL TIME is handmade noodles and dumplings! In ma bellay! Well, in ma studio, I’ve got Matthew Murtagh-Wu AKA Dumpling King. I stumbled upon him on social media and I literally messaged him “How have I not heard of you before? We should be best friends!”

Matt’s a classically trained chef, history major, amateur boxer, and zealous Wu-Tang fan. Shimmy-Shimmy-Ya! We’re gonna get into it with this dude!
In a brief conversation he said that he’s been in “many types of relationships” and has dated “all sorts of people”, now, if that doesn’t make you go hmmm. You KNOW that I’m gonna go there.

We’ve also talked before if a man and a woman truly can be just friends or if someone is keeping the flame alive in hopes of connecting horizontally. Well, Matt’s done exactly that. He’s known his girlfriend of a year for over a decade and the dude bid his time waiting for the right moment to pounce, or should I say connect romantically. I’m gonna get into his head and let ya’ll know the signs that a guy really IS into you. Hear it right from the horses mouth, tune in Tuesday at 7pm!

I wanna hear from you! Do you have a dating or relationship story you want to share with me? Pick up the phone and call 778-574-1077 so we can have a lil chat!

Talk to you at 7!