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As businesses begin to contemplate how they will reopen safely in this new post COVID normal that we will have no choice but to accept, some business owners are getting creative.
Such as this restaurant owner in Canton Ohio – An unusual social distancing solution already is in place at an Ohio breakfast cafe, which is scheduled to reopen for sit-down dining on May 21, as allowed by the state.
“I came up with the idea of clear vinyl shower-curtain liners as dividers between tables,” said Kim Shapiro, co-owner of Twisted Citrus in North Canton. “They’re suspended from the ceiling with hooks and drop down to where the back of a chair would be.
“We can spray (the curtains) down with Lysol and COVID cleaner spray,” she said.

Hong Kong Airport is trying new disinfectant booths for passengers which kill all viruses, including coronavirus, on the skin in just 40 seconds.
The new technology could become a common sight in the future at all airports as the industry looks into ways to ensure travellers feel safe post-pandemic.The CLeanTech pods, dubbed “a full-body disinfection channel facility,” first check the temperature of the passenger before they are allowed to enter.
They then go into the booth for the 40-second process, which includes a sanitizing spray throughout.

Although this seems robotic and maybe a bit over the top, with what we have gone through over the last few months nothing really seems too crazy anymore!

You MUST wear a face mask to shop at Costco in the US! Costco is one of the largest US retailer to execute the rule, which is aimed at helping prevent the spread of Covid-19. Costco said the face coverings must be worn “at all times” in the store and will not serve as a “substitute for social distancing.”

Certain exemptions are applied, including for customers under 2-years-old and people who can’t wear one because of a medical condition.

Costco has brought on a number of changes to its stores as shoppers run to big box stores for necessities during the pandemic. Other changes include earlier closing times, limiting the number of guests a member can bring and giving first responders and healthcare workers priority admittance into warehouses.

Are you adapting to this new normal? Would you still shop Costco?