It happens to the best of us. As always, when we least expect it!

I had it all together this weekend, alarms went off on time and phones didn’t die.  I had to drop off one kid at 6AM for a school ski trip and another had soccer at 8AM.  My kids hate being late so I was being “come on, Mom”-ed to death at 5:55AM.  


Typically this phrase is followed by a frantic search lasting no more than 4 minutes when they’re located in a random jacket pocket or on the bathroom counter.  However it was 6:03AM on this dark and dreary Saturday morning when I surrendered the search and took my husband’s truck.

After that drop-off, I searched some more and I noticed that my doors were locked.  I wondered if by chance they were locked inside the vehicle?  I sometimes lock the doors from the inside to avoid that obnoxious “honk” when it locks… maybe I’d forgotten to take the keys out.

During the soccer game I convinced myself this must be the case and after one more frantic search at home,  I called BCAA to unlock the door.  No keys.  I was starting to get slightly panicked.  The minivan is life!

As my husband was getting ready to go run errands, guess what he found in his jacket pocket: MY KEYS!  He had grabbed them by mistake.  

Just another day in the life of a parent: you can prepare and plan your day, but suddenly something totally unexpected happens and you have to shift gears and change plans.

In my experience, in most families there’s always one person who LOSES the keys (or remote, or phone) and one person who FINDS them.  Are you the finder, or the… other one?