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Ever have an ‘ahh I remember that’ moment?!!  I was having one of those today, and gave a thought to my TOP 5 list of things I could not live without in the 90s.  I realize this list is different for everyone, but here’s mine…

5. Blockbuster VHS/DVD rental card

(Where was Netflicks when we needed it, eh?)

4. My BABY G / G SHOCK watch

(This was like one of the first “smartwatches” of the 90s, lighting up in different colors and digital animations)

3. Hair Crimper

(Umm yah, it was cool to have zig zag hair back then)

2. QWERTY Nokia Celphone

(Remember when the original text messaging consisted of pressing numbers on your phone to get letters?)


(By far my favorite device to listen to cassette tapes Id buy from Futureshop, A&B sound, or Tower Records)


What would be on YOUR list of TOP 5 things you couldn’t live without in the 90s?  Call us on #TheMiddayWorkday and let us know 778 574 1077!