As almost 600 fires burn in this province, we are seriously feeling the effects of smoky air in the form of itchy, burning eyes and fatigue due to the quality of the air. If this seems to be the worst you remember it’s actually not. But as a spokesperson for Metro Vancouver pointed out this morning on Pulse mornings with Ian Power and Vanessa Ybarra, it’s not the worst season ever for forest fires, but it is by far the most days in a row we’ve had with very bad air quality.  Our Premier is touring the fires around the Prince George area. Have you seen the skies in Prince George? It’s an eerie sight thanks to the smoke being so thick, the sun can’t get through it. Something else you may notice other than burning eyes is sneezing. You can blame that on what you’re currently breathing as well. Good news is it should start dissipating tomorrow and improve greatly by the end of the week.