An open letter to Meals On Wheels:

‘To whom it may concern – today while leaving my parents seniors residence I noticed one of your drivers having a conversation via the intercom with an elderly customer who clearly couldn’t understand what your driver was trying to say. Your driver was trying to tell the lady her meals on wheels were left at her door as she wouldn’t answer the door. The driver repeated she had left the meal(s) at the door but the woman on the other end of the intercom clearly couldn’t understand what she was trying to say. The woman told her to, ‘come up’ and buzzed her in. Rather than try to go back in and make sure she received her meal, she just sighed, jumped back into her vehicle and drove away. I’m concerned that elderly lady doesn’t know her meal was delivered and rather than take that extra step in ensuring the delivery was received, she just left the woman hanging on the intercom. I realize your drivers are busy but is that standard procedure? It disturbs me to know that there could be an elderly person waiting for their lunch that may have no idea it’s sitting outside their door. Thank You.’