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Full disclosure, I am someone who is into scary things like movies, books and creepy things. Since today is Friday the 13th I thought I would do some research on the day and find out how people really feel about today. Did you know that flying on this day is cheaper than any other day? It’s actually between 14-33% cheaper, however hotels stay the same, of course they do. A Dutch Centre for Statistics studied dates to see if Friday the 13th is actually unlucky, they concluded that the day is actually safer than an average Friday because fewer accidents and crime occur. I guess criminals are superstitious too!

Some people are afraid of the number 13 its called triskaidekaphobia, try saying that three times fast. Jokes aside it is a real phobia and not to be taken lightly. Paraskevidekatriaphobia is the fear of the actual day Friday the 13th, there are many suffers of this phobia in the world.

So has anything bad happened on Friday the 13th? Yes, there are a few examples like 13yr old James Paget who was stuck by lightning at 13.13 on Friday the 13th back in 2010.  Also the crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 that crashed on Friday 13th in 1972. Those who survived had to resort to  cannibalism to survive. Yikes.

I asked some friends, co-workers and family members if they were superstitious or scared of today and most said they had some superstitions but weren’t actually scared of the day. I myself am a bit superstitious, I can thank my mom for that. Please don’t tell her I just spilt salt on my desk.