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Date Did What??? Nov 21

By | Jill Sinclair, News

Are you a serial dater? Maybe you’ve found your “almost Mr. or Mrs. Right” but feel like, just mayyyybe that perfect mate is still out there for you? Well, my first guest Susan Semeniw believes you need to stop focusing on the quantity and the “Paradox of Choice” and commit already! [Insert glove slapping face right here]

Susan Semeniw is the Head Matchmaker and Love Coach at Divine Intervention Matchmaking Services. She’s an intuitive feeler that brings her people skills to connecting, coaching and bringing her clients into the reality of what love can be. In common-speak, the gurl knows what she’s doin’.

And, Susan doesn’t have a shy bone in her body, in fact, she frequently scopes new “love interests” for her clients, whether she’s out for lunch or buying up goodies at the sex shop. Yes, she’s a big advocate for keeping it spicy in her relationship too by the way.
Susan is going to bring her no holds bar opinions to our airwaves and you’re gonna want to tune in! Listen in LIVE Tuesday night at 7pm 107.7 FM and livestream

Any man whose Instagram handle starts with “Mr.” is someone I wanna to go toe-to-toe with and my second guest will have that pleasure. Andreas Willms is known as Mr. Real Estate and he’s known for his high end taste and his never ending line-up of dates. I’m going to probe a little deeper into what makes him tick and what a single man really is looking for, in order to put a ring on a single lady. Cue Beyonce.

Andreas is German born and grew up on a farm. We’re going to see what roles he envisions for himself and the future missus. And chances are, my first guest Susan, is gonna stick around and school “Mr. Real Estate” a thing or two about the QUANTITY dating thing and steps to make love stick for his future wife. I don’t know about you, but I’ve already ordered my popcorn for that!

Tune in Tuesday at 7pm 107.7 FM and livestream!

If you wanna be a part of the convo, pick up the phone and call 778-574-1077 so we can chat!

Talk to you at 7!



When is the right time?

By | Dave Sheldon, News

It is the oldest question in relationships:

When is the right time?

It is multi-faceted; when is it the right time to ask him/her:

  • Out on a date
  • Out on the next date
  • To have sex
  • To move in
  • To meet the parents
  • to meet the kids
  • to get married
  • to start a family

…and on and on and on.  With relationships, the right time is different for everyone.  I’m not a relationship guru at all, but is speaking with a number of great guests on PULSE of the Fraser, from Deanna Cobden (dating coach), to Jill Sinclair (host/author) to Maureen McGrath (nurse/sexual health expert) and others, the path on all of these questions is clear.

You need to have the conversation. 

That may mean you have to put your self out there and be vulnerable, but if you cannot be honest in your relationship, then you will always be in the weeds waiting for the shoe to drop.

If you want to go on a date…ask the person.  If it is the right time, then great.  If not, find out when and if you cannot, then move on.

My wife always laments the fact that both men and women find it difficult to come to the conclusion that sometimes ‘they just aren’t into you’.  So why not find out early and get it out of the way…it will save you the time and the anguish.

Everyone of the questions above can be dealt with through conversation, just understand that you have to be honest with yourself about what the expectations will be.

You may not want to hear that now is not the right time to hit the sack…but at least if you don’t get to that destination right away, you will hopefully get the road map.


Working through the pain of loss

By | Dave Sheldon, News

Ian MacDonald is a pro.

Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to speak with Cst. MacDonald of the Abbotsford Police Department about a number of different issues and what separates Ian from others in his profession is the ability to not take himself seriously.

Ian knows when he has to put the pedal down and lay out the facts of an investigation or the circumstances surrounding a situation that develops in his city, but also knows that in our conversations he can throw shade on me and I can crack him too.

It gives him the proper balance to do what is never an easy job; reporting on various crimes and news in his department.

It did not prepare him for the loss of his colleague nearly two weeks ago.

Cst. John Davidson, as most of you know was shot and killed in the line of duty while attending the scene of an alleged car theft.  Davidson has probably over his many years of duty has handled hundreds of these calls, and while never routine, this outcome could not have possibly been anticipated by anyone.

I called Ian MacDonald late on the day of the incident.  I didn’t call him as Dave from PULSE, I called him as Dave his friend.  He answered my call and I spoke with Ian for about 5 minutes.

He was numb, dumbfounded by what had happened and now just trying to put together a number of different aspects of what became perhaps the toughest day not just of his career, but of his life.

Having to figure out and sort through the information to relay in a colleague’s death in the field.

I kept in touch with Ian since and let him know that I was there to speak with him…and to listen.  Late last night, which for me is just after 9 PM, (I am already in bed as my day begins at 4:30 AM), my phone rings, a private number, and I pick it up.

It was Ian.

‘I am ready,’ he said.  ‘Let’s do this’.

Ian MacDonald appeared on PULSE of the Fraser this morning at 8:05 AM.  He was composed, professional and answered every question that I had for him on this day.  Just like he always has, just like he always will.  Yet he admitted on the air that he didn’t know if he would get through the conversation.  He is still trying to process the loss.

He will be for a very long time…and Ian, it’s not just me that has your back.  We all do.  It’s the very least that we can do.

Thanks for taking care of us…again.



I need more from the ‘YES’ side on Proportional Representation

By | Dave Sheldon, News

Get ready for a whole bunch of jargon.

We had a taste of it this morning on PULSE of the Fraser with Green MLA Sonia Furstenau.  Ms. Furstenau and I engaged in a spirited discussion about a few topics government related and among them was Proportional Representation.

Ms. Furstenau reminded me on several occasions that she has a background in history, and that our system of electing officials is medieval and needs to be updated.  But updated at the cost of whom?

I was given the technical terms of what a ‘riding’ and the origin of the term ‘riding’ actually was.  I, like you, DON’T CARE about the origin of the word riding, I care that all people of BC and all parts of BC are represented as fairly as can possibly be determined due to population and geography.

I see the current ‘First Past the Post’ system of electing officials as working just fine, and once I was reminded that this expression of First Past the Post was equine in nature by Ms. Furstenau, I was told that it was archaic and in need of an update.

The question that we have before us is simple:

Who does Proportional Representation benefit the most?  If the answer isn’t EVERYBODY…then the vote is NO.  You don’t change a system, especially one as important as electoral process, if it only benefits those trying to change the process.  If this doesn’t benefit Molly from Surrey, Billy from Fort St. James and Steve from Invermere the same way, then Proportional Representation doesn’t benefit any of them.

The ability for us to have a clear question needs to be put out there.  When I asked the Green Party, while Sonia Furstenau agreed that a clear question is important, she also said that it is up to the Attorney General’s office to implement that, not her party.

In other words, we are going to try and baffle everyone with our BS and slide this mess by you.

That cannot happen, and I hope as this process moves forward, that the gravity of changing our electoral process, or keeping it the same as it currently is, is a foundation that you lay down not just for this election, but for future elections.

To simply tell me that is the AG’s problem to get the question right misses the point…we need to ALL get the question right, and take responsibility for it.







What to believe?

By | Dave Sheldon, News

So let me ask you a question:

If you were to purchase a vehicle that promised you air conditioning, power steering, automatic transmission and a extended warranty, but instead, the day after you paid for the vehicle you received a Vespa, a helmet and good luck, you would be ticked.

Say hello to the BC NDP…or should I say the Government of British Columbia.

Make no mistake, the BC NDP are in charge and are now looking down the barrel of the very promises that they made to us to get us to vote for them at the booth back on May 9th.

The NDP promised to get rid of MSP premiums…immediately.  Premier John Horgan said as much on his stump Q & A here on PULSE of the Fraser during the campaign.  So far, we have been told the MSP will be rolled back 50% on Jan 1, (which was a Liberal promise that the NDP chastised as too little too late during the campaign), and that the rest of the MSP elimination would be sent to ‘committee’ to study the best way to get rid of the MSP.

That is not immediately, that is no sooner than March 31, when the report is due and then the government will have to digest and implement none, some or all of the recommendations.

So, MSP has not been eliminated immediately.  0/1.

How about this one:

On the opening page of the NDP Platform, which you can still find online here, this bird cage liner said that the NDP would ‘Build 114,000 rental and co-op homes, and provide renters an annual rental home credit of $400.’

When asked last week in Question Period what the plan was for this 114 thousand home solution, the NDP said that they don’t have a current plan and that the 114 thousand rental and co-op homes was a number that they aspired to achieve.

Aspired to achieve?  The foundation of this platform released by the NDP, their manifesto 118 pages in length, isn’t built on genuine thought, it’s built on aspiration.

That is like telling you I plan to win an Academy Award, and then after you invest in my career I advise you I dream of acting one day, but in the meantime, this job at Tim Horton’s is the best I can do.

114000 rental and co-op homes, no dice.  0/2.

You can read on about what the NDP promised us and you will find some promises that have been kept, others halfway there, and others not addressed at all.  What is most hypocritical of this group is their statement above all of their promises…that reads:

‘It’s time for you to get a break — a break you won’t get from phony BC Liberal promises and their choices.’

Black and white, that is what it says.  I look forward to being told that I have taken their words and twisted them out of context.  I look forward to being told that I am wrong, or because I am writing this article, I must be a Liberal hack.  I know that this is coming because it will once again divert the attention away from what isn’t being done in Victoria.

Did you read anywhere in this document about ‘Proportional representation’?  It’s in there, and it has been made very clear that the NDP will vote ‘yes’ on proportional representation.  But will they give us the ability to vote NO or will we get three shades of ‘YES’?  We will have to wait and see on that one.

There was also nothing in this NDP ‘Hope Chest’ that said that they would vote for a taxpayer subsidy for themselves and all parties to ‘wean’ themselves off the donations from business and unions that they so loathe.  That didn’t come out on the election run did it?

I’m not saying that the BC NDP are the only ones guilty of not keeping their word.  What I am saying is that the very platform that they campaigned on…getting rid of phony promises, is one of the many things that this government has yet to deliver on.




Date Did What???

By | Jill Sinclair, News

Didn’t yur mama warn ya that bars ain’t no place to be findin’ love? Well, my first guest Nicole Haley actually encourages it, in fact, she gives workshops on how to pick up men!

Nicole’s a Relationship Coach and her teachings include how to navigate relationships, understand the opposite sex and to own one’s power. Through her workshops and signature coaching program, Nicole has helped hundreds of women to attract and keep the relationship they want.

Whether you want to re-write your love story, become a man magnet or you want to let love in, Nicole’s been through the same things as you and will uncover your love-blockers. I don’t know about you, but I wanna hear more about this man magnet course! Listen in LIVE Tuesday night at 7pm 107.7 FM and livestream

Those who are close to me know that my nickname is “Noodles” but it very well should be “Dumpling” too! My favourite meal OF ALL TIME is handmade noodles and dumplings! In ma bellay! Well, in ma studio, I’ve got Matthew Murtagh-Wu AKA Dumpling King. I stumbled upon him on social media and I literally messaged him “How have I not heard of you before? We should be best friends!”

Matt’s a classically trained chef, history major, amateur boxer, and zealous Wu-Tang fan. Shimmy-Shimmy-Ya! We’re gonna get into it with this dude!
In a brief conversation he said that he’s been in “many types of relationships” and has dated “all sorts of people”, now, if that doesn’t make you go hmmm. You KNOW that I’m gonna go there.

We’ve also talked before if a man and a woman truly can be just friends or if someone is keeping the flame alive in hopes of connecting horizontally. Well, Matt’s done exactly that. He’s known his girlfriend of a year for over a decade and the dude bid his time waiting for the right moment to pounce, or should I say connect romantically. I’m gonna get into his head and let ya’ll know the signs that a guy really IS into you. Hear it right from the horses mouth, tune in Tuesday at 7pm!

I wanna hear from you! Do you have a dating or relationship story you want to share with me? Pick up the phone and call 778-574-1077 so we can have a lil chat!

Talk to you at 7!


Will the Empty Homes Tax work?

By | Dave Sheldon, News

The City of Vancouver is about to embark on to some uncharted territory, they want to tax your home if you aren’t using it.

The Vacancy Tax has been set up to try and loosen up some rental housing by having you declare if your home is not being used.  If the home is not being used and is your secondary home, you will be subject to a 1% vacancy tax, which will be put towards Affordable Housing initiatives.

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson has said that he hopes that the initiative will free up 25000 rental spots in Vancouver alone in the coming year, with residents having until early February to comply.

So, perhaps 25000 new rental spaces and a coffer full of loot for affordable housing, what’s not to like?


How do you measure compliance?  The legwork that will have to be done by the City of Vancouver to insure that there isn’t a dodge will eat into that affordable housing fund.

Is the City overreaching here?  That is my house, and I pay top dollar for it, so why should I submit to this tax, why should this perception of housing crisis affect my bottom line?  There may be a court challenge in this one at some point as what I do with my home is my business and as long as I’m not breaking any laws, and leaving my home empty the last I checked is NOT a criminal offence, then I should be able to do what I want without having to pay the excise tax.

Where does this Affordable Housing Initiatives Funding go?  It had better be see through so that people know that 100% of it goes to Affordable Housing.  Who gets to decide on what affordable housing looks like?  The City?  Are they qualified?

What if I choose to pay the tax?  1% per year on a million dollar home is $10000 per year.  Would my home not appreciate better if someone wasn’t living in it?  Is this now just a cost of doing business?  If my house cannot make more than 1% on appreciation and clear my taxes then have I really invested wisely?

I can see the initiative by the City here and am not begrudging the effort.  If this does go on to be a success, how many municipalities will jump on this train?

Only time will tell, but as the saying goes, “Some things are destined to be — it just takes us a couple of tries to get there.”  We will see if this is the path that leads us to affordable housing.





Hawthorne protestors show true colors

By | Dave Sheldon, News

We saw it in full display at Surrey City Hall on Monday night…a fringe group that didn’t get their own way having a tantrum like a four year old that didn’t get their extra cookie.

The group against the Hawthorne Park restructure which will now put 105th Ave. straight through from Whalley to Surrey by this time next year, voiced their displeasure of the Surrey City Council, who voted unanimously in favour of the road and restructure of the park.

The restructure has been on the books since the 1980’s, so thirty short years, yet the Save Hawthorne Park peeps will try to convince you that there has been little to no public discourse on the topic.

Wrong. Do your homework and you will see that this has been more than adequately discussed.

The group was also given the opportunity to garner a petition of concerned citizens to affect change.  They needed 30000 people to put pen to paper and were able to manage, according to reports, about 12000 or so.  Less than half.  Apparently either the road sounds like a good idea OR this group simply was not organized enough.

Now, when they don’t get their own way, they yell ‘SHAME’ and ‘WE WILL MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD NEXT ELECTION’.  To the first point, you are entitled to freedom of speech and freedom of expression, so carry on, but nice example to the kids when you don’t get your own way to name call and threaten.  To the latter, GOOD!  If you want to change what is going on in the City of Surrey, then get out the vote or run yourselves.  But based upon the results you had from organizing a petition drive, you might have more success running a bottle drive, not a city.  Leave it to those who are deliberate and think about the City not just for you to walk your dog through a park, but to actually RUN a city.

It is always easy to run the red flag up the pole and tell us what is wrong.  Doing something is another thing.

To those of you who want to stand in front of a bulldozer, go ahead.  But why not stand in front of a podium instead and preach accountability on not just this topic, but all topics?

That would be hard…welcome to the world of civic politics…and put on your big boy or big girl pants!







Davidson the definition of hero

By | Dave Sheldon, News

Hero is such an overused word now, especially in athletics.

When I hear about how a little kid worships a hockey player, I cringe.  I appreciate the fact that this player scored the big goal last night or fought the other team’s tough guy and dropped him with a single punch…and we have all cheered this on at one time or another.

Hero to me was reinforced yesterday afternoon when Abbotsford Police Officer John Davidson had his life ended by a man who was looking to end the life of one of us.

Davidson, like others who strap on the blue, understand the inherent dangers that come with choosing the profession of law enforcement.  Yet he chooses to do so without hesitation, like his brothers and sisters in the force do, because they see the greater good.

Police officers have become more than just cops on the beat, they are part of our community and they are family.  I have a cousin who is an officer with the Vancouver Police Department, and while I remember him as we grew up as a fun loving, carefree guy, I now think of him with a level of respect that honestly far exceeds anything I ever thought I would feel for him.

He has chosen to protect us, just as Officer Davidson has…that is something worth noting.  These officers choose to protect complete strangers the same way that they would protect members of their own family.  Frankly, there aren’t enough of us out there that can make that claim.

These people are heroes.

So the next time these officers pull you over for a speeding ticket, or have you pour out your booze at the fireworks, understand that the next time they pull over a car or ask someone to pour out a bottle that the person across from them may be looking to kill them.

That is the job.  If you lose a fight in hockey, you go to the penalty box for five minutes.  If you lose a game you fly to the next city on a charter jet and do it all over again the next game.  If you are a police officer, you don’t get a re-do, you have to get it right the first time…every time.

That is heroic…and that is why the salute to Officer Davidson, those who have passed before him, and those that will pass in the future, must be sincere.

Don’t just salute him as a policeman…salute him as a father, a leader, a son.

Thank you for your service John…and thanks for saving lives yesterday.


Do you have Green Party fever?

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Andrew Weaver is excited about the prospects for his party.

Given official party status this week, the Green Party will now be given a bigger seat at the table at the BC Legislature and also the ability to use a few more resources to hire some more staff.

Dr. Weaver, in his conversation on PULSE of the Fraser Monday morning, also had plenty to say about what to do with Site C, the Massey tunnel/bridge, Proportional Representation and more…

My conversation with Dr. Weaver is right here

What do you think?  Now that the Green Party is making its way into our political landscape are you convinced?  Would you vote green now that they have joined the BC NDP to topple the Liberals?  Can they govern themselves?

All great questions, I’m not sure even Andrew Weaver has all of the answers yet.