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A group of buyers at a condo development currently under construction in New West  have been told they need to fork over more money despite signing a contract with the developer two year ago. The buyers put money down and signed the contracts but, because when the project was sold to the developer in 2016 it was sold at $475 per square foot. Two years later developments in the area are going for between $600 & $700. One man says he has sunk his life savings into the unit and can’t afford to pay anymore up front. Many are in the same situation. The developer says they are willing to give back their deposits plus get an extra 50% back. Or, they can wait until the unit is re-sold and they will get a cut of the new asking prices minus taxes, legal fee’s and commissions. Construction on the building is way behind schedule and costs to the developer have increased, but where is the contingency plan? Where is the fairness? If this developer wants to be fair, they would honour the contacts signed and stop showing what they seemed to be all about. Greed.



What Was She Thinking?

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This past weekend was the NBA All-Star game in Los Angeles. All-Star games are boring and I never watch regardless of which sport it happens to be. For those who did watch the game,  did you happen to hear former Black Eyed Peas vocalist Fergie as she tried to put her own spin on the American National Anthem? First of all lets give her credit for trying to add a new spin on a very old song. Let us also ask, ‘What was she thinking?’ Next to the atrocious butchering of the anthem by Roseanne Barr many years ago, this was – by far – the worst rendition of the American National Anthem EVER. Even Roseanne went to twitter to say, ‘I think mine was better low-key.’ What we did learn is to sing an anthem properly s fine. To be able to sing the anthem in key and even come close to what the original version sounds like…difficult for some.




(video courtesy, TNT Network and NBA.COM)


Why Is Airplane Food So Bad?

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Where is the worst place to eat? Well, if you ask celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, he says without a doubt the worst food…is on an airplane.  Why is airplane food so average to the absolute worst? He didn’t give that answer, but  Airplane foods has such a bad reputation for a number of reasons – from the way it’s prepared, to the way it is stored, all the way up to tames[eheric conditions apparently. In an article I read in Time magazine, they reported, ‘The dry air of a flight cabin tends to suppress our sense of smell, which is an important factor in taste. Low air pressure and background noises further impact the way we taste, by repressing the ability to taste sweet and salty foods. For food to taste the same before it is in the air, airline caterers have to add up to 30% more of sugar or salt to a meal.‘ And why do people drink so much Tomato Juice when they fly? The answer seems to be something called, ‘Umami’. No it’s not sushi, it’s a flavour that you can find in Tomato Juice. When you fly at a certain altitude, apparently you taste it more than normal – and in this case it’s good thing. As far as airline food goes, don’t expect it to get better anytime soon. Best thing to do is to load up on the ground, and perhaps carry some light snacks instead.

Bon Apetite!

I’m Spending Valentine’s Day With My Cat

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One of the great things about being single on Valentine’s Day is all the money I save. Kidding, it stinks being single on Valentine’s Day. So this year, I told my cat we would be spending the night together. I’ll put on some nice music, dim the lights, drink a few glasses of wine and watch The Notebook. The picture is my cat’s reaction to the news. Man, it sucks being single on Valentines Day.






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A safety reminder from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure: Over the Family Day long weekend, many British Columbians will be travelling to visit friends and family. It is important that everyone stays safe, as heavy snowfall, freezing rain, poor visibility and icy conditions are expected to continue. Heavy snowfall warnings have been issued in the Cariboo, northern B.C., Kootenays and Columbia regions, and it is important to plan ahead, drive to the conditions and arrive safely.

Some helpful tips for traveling in winter driving conditions this long weekend include:

* Check the weather forecast and adjust travel times to more favourable conditions, or choose alternate routes.

* For current road conditions, check DriveBC before you leave, as well as the nearly 700 highway webcam views available at more than 380 locations throughout B.C.

* Wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement while driving, but bring warm clothing (winter boots, coat, gloves and hat) in case you need to get out of your vehicle.

* Have an emergency plan, and ensure your vehicle is equipped with a windshield scraper and snow brush, food and water, a first aid kit and other emergency supplies.

* If you get stuck or stranded, don’t panic. Stay with your vehicle for safety and warmth, and if you have a cell phone, call for roadside assistance. If there is an emergency, call 911.

Have a wonderful Family Day Long weekend, and be safe.





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It’s called the Global Traffic score-card. The company that looks at 1,360 cities a round the world and what they do is look at who spends the most time on the road during the commute. And according to transportation date company INRIX, The 10 Worst Cities For Traffic:

1 Los Angeles

2 New York City (tie)

2 Moscow (tie)

4 Sao Paulo, Brazil

5 San Francisco

6 Bogotá

7 London

8 Atlanta

9 Paris

10 Miami

Again, this is based on average commute times. It doesn’t take into account population or amount of vehicles on the road during peak times. So is their really any surprise LA is the worst city in the world to drive in.

So how did the greater Vancouver area fare? According to the study, we spent 29 hours in our vehicles in 2017.

That said, greater Vancouver ranked 203rd. 203rd in the world when it comes to the total amount of hours we spend in congestion.

Other Canadian cities ranked include:

Toronto – 49th. Torontonians spent 47 hours in traffic per year last year.

And Montrealers spend the most time in their vehicles during peak hours. They averaged 50 hours spent in traffic in 2017.


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The ability to list your property with AIR BNB has officially received the green light by the Province as of this morning. Today in Victoria the NDP announced – along with Air BNB – a co-operative plan to help fund affordable housing in the province. Finance Minister Carole James announcing today Air BNB will be able to legally operate in this province, as long as they collect PST on all short term rentals. In turn that money will help fund housing affordability in the province. On top of the 8% PST AIR BNB will also charge a 3% municipal and regional district tattoo also help with a more localized focus. This is what it is, a great way for the province to collect tax from BNB users from around the world who come to BC. Tourism is a huge thing given the beauty of the surroundings we live in. And rather than continuously charge us high taxes to call this Province home, the government has come up with a great plan for everyone.




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When I say, ‘Romantic Places’ would Surrey immediately cross your mind? Yeah, me neither, but according to Amazon, Surrey made the, ‘Top 20 most Romantic Cities in Canada’ List. Surrey was number 9 on the list. Possibly an even bigger surprise, Abbotsford was second! And BC is pretty well represented in the Top 20. 8 cities are right here in BC including the overall number one – Victoria.

This year, the Top 20 Most Romantic Cities in Canada are:

1. Victoria, British Columbia

2. Abbotsford, British Columbia

3. Whitehorse, Yukon (new)

4. Courtenay, British Columbia (new)

5. Fort McMurray, Alberta (new)

6. Spruce Grove, Alberta (new)

7. North Vancouver, British Columbia

8. Sherwood Park, Alberta (new)

9. Surrey, British Columbia (new)

10. Nanaimo, British Columbia

11. Lasalle, Quebec (new)

12. Waterloo, Ontario

13. Prince George, British Columbia

14. La Prairie, Quebec (new)

15. Grand Prairie, Alberta

16. Airdrie, Alberta (new)

17. Welland, Ontario (new)

18. Vernon, British Columbia (new)

19. North Bay, Ontario

20. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (new)

*This is not a JOKE.




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Today is Groundhog Day, deepening on which rodent you follow, we could see an early spring or a lot more winter. All across the country various provinces have their Groundhogs – Nova Scotia has SHUBENACADIE SAM, Ontario has WIARTON WILLIE, Alberta house BALLZAC BILLY…So where is BC’S herbivore? And the answer is…on Vancouver Island. Van Island Violet is a Marmot who has been predicting weather for the past three years and those in the know say Violet is ready to get called up to the big-leagues. Only problem is Feb 2nd is right in the middle go hibernation season for Marmots, so they technically can’t see their shadow because all they want to do is sleep. It’s quite the predicament. As a suggestion – perhaps one of the Goats on the Roof in Coombes could step up (or down, or off…the roof)

BTW – Alberta and Nova Scotia’s didn’t see their shadows – which means an early spring. Ontario’s groundhog did six more weeks of winter misery. As for Van island Violet….still sleeping.




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Living in the eastern part of our country for my first 36 years, I never really paid attention to the weather all that much. It was easy. Snow and brutal cold from January until March, March and April slush, sleet and rain, May flowers with cold mornings and comfortable days, June until August hot temperatures and stifling humidity, (which I don’t miss AT ALL) September and October comfortable days and cold nights, November and December brutally cold temperatures and major windchill. Being honest with you, what is with all the freaking rain!?!? That said, did it seem like we got a lot of rain last month? Perhaps more than the average? Yes to both. January normally sees about 168 mm of rain fall at YVR. This past January 249 mm fell making this past month the 4th wettest on record. They’ve been recording monthly precipitation since 1937. And in case you forgot, it rained everyday from January 16th on at YVR. Good news though, no show and ice like last January!