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National Wine Day

By | Neil Morrison, News

Today is National Wine Day. Perfect day for our neighbours to the south to announce once again they’re going to take BC to the World Trade Organization in protest over the fact that American wines aren’t sold in grocery stores. The US says, ‘Discriminatory regulations implemented by British Columbians are unfairly keeping us wine off of grocery store shelves, and that is unacceptable’. Question for our american friends? Have you ever actually visited a grocery store in Canada and have you ever seen anyone buying ANY wine from a grocery store? Most British Columbians seem to be more than happy with buying their wine at government run or privatized liquor stores. And there – next to VQA – the biggest selection is American wine for the most part! This is the second time the US will have complained to the WTO. Australia has also complained saying we break the rules when we all know the reason we don’t stock Australian wines everywhere is because we’re trying to keep the bad wine away from people. If you think I’m kidding try some wine made by the rock band ACDC sometime. 

“Bloody Awful Mate.” 


Opportunity Knocks

By | Neil Morrison, News

We all know what great opportunists Bald Eagles are. If you don’t head on over the the dump in Delta and watch what happens when the machinery starts moving stuff around. In Washington state recently a bald eagle saw a dinner waiting for it, and only had one problem…The tasty rabbit was in the mouth of a Fox. So what did the Eagle do? It lifted the Fox 30 feet into the air and battled for the rabbit. It’s quite the 20 second air show. So who won? Looking at the video it’s hard to tell but it’s clear that Eagles recognize and opportunity when they see one, just like the crows who try and steal your bag of chips you strategically placed in your golf cart. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you don’t play golf.



Friends With Benefits

By | Neil Morrison, News

With the better weather coming and warmer temperatures too, it’s about that time of year when something begins showing up in your home that may trigger your arachnophobia. Many people know it better as a, ‘fear of spiders.’ Yes, it’s almost spider season. But did you know, killing every Spider you see in your home isn’t a good thing. An Extension Associate in Entomology at North Carolina State University wrote an article about Spiders and how important they are to our, ‘indoor ecosystem.’ Think about this, if you had a choice of a mosquito buzzing in your ear while you tried to sleep over a spider hiding in the wall, which one would you choose? Many spiders eat mosquitos. And, according to the article, most spiders we will come into contact with aren’t harmful enough to do any real damage or harm to us. Plus, they dislike us more than we dislike them. We have a bit of a size advantage although you put this guy in front of a good sized Wolf Spider – there’s hands down winner every time, and it ain’t me.


The Circus You Have To See

By | Neil Morrison, News

Over the long weekend mid-day host Leah Holiove and myself had the chance to check out the Royal Canadian Family Circus under the big top at Guilford Town Centre. I hadn’t been to a circus since I was a child and – being honest – had minimum expectations. Well it didn’t take five minutes into the show for expectations to go through the roof. WHAT AN AMAZING SHOW! Many different performers dong such incredible things. I’d love to ramble on about some of the things we saw but instead let me just say – there are people in this world who can do incredible things that will both amaze and impress you. Those people are apart of the Royal Canadian Family Circus.

We’re giving out passes to see this circus and after seeing it this past weekend, being honest with you, you will want to see this show. Listen to me all week between 3-8pm and to Pulse Mornings 6 until 10am to win four passes to the show. We’d just give you two, but you’re going to need to take the kids too.

The show wraps up at Guilford tonight, them moves to Tsawwassen Mills Friday thru Sunday, then Lansdowne Centre in Richmond May 31st to June 3rd before wrapping up June 7th thru 10th at Tradex at Abbotsford.

For full information



By | Neil Morrison, News

Yep. Finally. After tomorrow, no more talk about the Royal wedding. So this may be the last chance to bring out the elephant in the room just one more time…

British Paper The Mirror wrote an article that read: 

“With Prince Harry’s wedding to US actress Meghan Markle dominating the news, the scurrilous rumours about his parentage have surfaced once again. Dozens of social media users each day have pointed out the similarity behind ginger Prince Harry and his late mum’s one-time lover, Major James Hewitt. Mr Hewitt prefers to keep out of the public eye nowadays, but has spoken out twice in the past to categorically deny being the real father of Prince Harry. During a frank and candid television interview last year, he was asked directly if he was Harry’s father. Hewitt replied: “No, I’m not.” Pressed over why the rumours have persisted for so long, he said: “It sells papers. “It’s worse for him [Harry] probably, the poor chap.””

Despite him categorically denying he is Prince Harry’s biological father, a picture of the Prince taken from a side angle and one from the same angle of Mr Hewitt…they do look A LOT a like. Conspiracy theorists believe there could be some silencing on behalf of the Royal Family. Unless an actual DNA test was done, there will never be 100% proof that Prince Charles isn’t Harry’s real father. And if you were at all saddened to hear Meghan Markle’s father was unable to attend tomorrow’s wedding, despite what is being called truth, there’s a possibility Harry’s father won’t be there either.




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It was on this day in 1969 a man by the name of Walter Chell was working at a hotel in Calgary. Specifically he was working for an Italian restaurant within the hotel that was looking for a, ‘signature drink’ to attract more customers. Mr Chell had heard about a new company that was selling a mix of tomato and clam juice and went  to the store an found a bottle of Mott’s and brought it back to the restaurant and stated experimenting. Within 2 hours of trying he came up with a drink that would forever be known as a Canadian class – our answer to the american Bloody Mary is what many believe Mr. Chell was looking for. Instead he came up with one of the greatest vodka based drinks that has ever been invented. He also saved the Mott’s beverage company who were floundering with poor sales until his invention. Today over 350 million Caesars are consumed every year. 

All Hail Caesar!

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Yanny or Laurel Explained

By | Neil Morrison, News
Yanny or Laurel?

By now, you’ve probably heard the cosmic sound voice endless repeating the same word over and over. That word is either, ‘Yanny’ or ‘Laurel’. This recording has people around the world losing their collective minds! Some people are hearing, ‘Yanny’, and others are hearing, ‘Laurel.’ People are kind of comparing this to the dress picture that went viral years ago. That was visual, this is audio. So why are some people clearly hearing Yanny and some Laurel? According to scientists and educators it’s a number of reasons including what kind of device your listening on, the quality of the recording, and your brain, and – here’s the big one – frequency. With that, age is definitely a factor as well. The older you get the the worse your hearing gets. If you have lost some of your higher range you may hear something different that someone who hasn’t. Oh, and if you’re wondering if it’s all a scam and they change the words randomly, in the office a number of us listened to it at the same time earlier and some people heard, ‘laurel’, and some people heard, ‘Yanny’. And some people hear something oddly in between. We apparently hear different words because of the range our brains are used to us hearing. It’s actually only one word that we’re hearing. That word is, ‘Yarel.’ 

Mind. Blown.

The Royal Wedding Debacle

By | Neil Morrison, News

Perhaps there’s a reason royalty doesn’t marry non-royalty on a frequent basis…

If you haven’t been following the saga that is leading up to the Royal Wedding on Saturday between prince Harry (A Royal) and Meghan Markle (A Commoner) the focus of the wedding has completely shifted from two of them, over to the father of the bride. Yesterday news broke out that Ms. Markle’s father wasn’t going to be able to walk her down the isle for a couple of reasons. One, he’d had a heart attack 6 days ago, and something to do with some staged Paparazzi Pics. Uh huh. Now we hear that Thomas Markle wants to be part of the wedding and wants to walk his daughter down the isle but doctors haven’t cleared him to fly due to his health. The week before she gets to marry a rich, handsome prince, she’s dealing with a father who’s taking over the headlines for all the wrong reasons. 

…how embarrassing for all involved at this point. It may actually be worth watching this wedding after all!



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Imagine what it’s like to be in Winnipeg today.

The Winnipeg Jets are on the verge of doing something no other Canadian NHL franchise has done since Ottawa did it in 2017. and that is, make it to the conference finals (aka the Stanley Cup playoffs semi-finals ) Thing is, they have one major hurdle in their way – the Nashville Predators. The Stanley Cup runners-up last year and the number one team in the regular season is all that separates the city of Winnipeg from playoff adulation, to another year of stifling heat, and Mosquitos the size of Raccoons. Do the Jets and the city of Winnipeg deserve to win? If you ask anyone who’s ever been to the ‘Peg, yes they do. For putting up with winters like that and summers like that…one thing stands in their way.

A Win.

Imagine what it’s like to be in Winnipeg today.



By | Neil Morrison, News

Delta is going down in the record book. What for? The worlds biggest Greenhouse. Oh sorry, let me expand on that a little. The world’s biggest LEGAL MARIJUANA GREENHOUSE OPERATION. 1.7 million-square-feet of recreation marijuana growth. An Ontario based company that already provides 1/3rd the total legal marijuana Cannabis in this country have teamed up with a BC company to create BC TWEED. And this location will grow the most pot with 1.7 million sq/feet of space. That goes hand in hand with an operation they also have in Langley that – when finished – will grow marijuana using 1.3 million acres. They’re a few months away from both operations being up and running. No idea what kind of security will be needed for both operations. Right now it is predicted by 2020, Legal Marijuana will bring in some $36 Billion dollars. Can’r wait to see what the government spends on the windfall.