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Where is the justice in this world?

That’s a question everyone seems to be asking every time you talk to friends, family, and read the comments sections online. Time and time again, offenders -convicted of minimal to unspeakable crimes seem to be showing up in front of a judge, and being given the lightest possible sentences. The public don’t know why, the courts won’t explain why, and the police seem to fear their jobs should they say anything. Today, Raymond Caissie will appear before courts today after pleading guilty to second degree murder back in 2014 of a 14 year girl – less than a year after being released for a sexual assault and kidnapping in 1991. Even he said he didn’t want to be released as he thought he was a risk to the public! 10 years ago yesterday, the Surrey 6 murders happened – the suspects still haven’t gone to trial!! Those are two cases that have the public shaking their collective head and saying, ‘Why is there a Court System, if there is no Justice System?’

And then….silence.

Why are we not hearing from the politicians? Why are we not hearing from the judges? Why are we not hearing from the police?


…and let’s not even get into the conversation regarding those, ‘known to police’ who re-offend time after time after time after…



Having Kids – How Old Is Too Old?

By | Neil Morrison, News

You may have heard recently, singer Billy Joel is going to be be a dad again – at the age of 68. It had me thinking, ‘How old is too old to have a child?’ Everyone has their own view on the age to bring children into the world, and some don’t want to at all. That’s ones prerogative. What people do have – opinions –  When it comes to, ‘How Old is Too Old’ according to research, the average age women are having children goes up year after year after year. A 2016 study reported the average age of parents having their first child was 26 – so home come most of my friends are waiting until their 30’s now? There’s a number of factors; including geography and finances. Although I don’t have the numbers to back it up, one could deduct the average couple in Saskatchewan probably starts a family earlier than South of the Fraser. No, not because they’re bored – because of of one big factor: Cost Of Living! Another factor that has to be considered – financial status. We constantly hear of celebrities having children in the forties and fifties, and now Billy Joel in his sixties. As an only child of, ‘older parents’, I never knew any different and it never affected me until now – now that I am the principal caregiver. Some days are tougher than other days…

Hey! Just like being a parent. Funny how that works.



By | Neil Morrison, News

By now you – or someone you know – were incredibly frustrated with Ticketmaster and everyone and anyone within range over tickets to Pink’s, ‘Beautiful Trauma’ May 12th Roger’s Arena tour date selling out within seconds of the tickets going on sale last week.  Those who tried found themselves staring at their screen in disbelief over tickets that had been bought up, and immediately placed on re-sell sties like StubHub for RIDICULOUS mark-up prices. It wasn’t uncommon to see half decent seats for re-sale at up to $10,000 PER TICKET. Fans turned to social media to voice their displeasure with the way ticket software is able to bypass the cue and scoop up as many tickets as possible. (BOTS) This is a problem that has been around for years, and now it looks like the BC government is ready to step in. Solicitor General Mike Farnworth assures us they are looking at, ‘options’ to curb BOTS. Right now the province of Ontario is writing up new laws that would make it illegal for computer programs that buy up large batches of tickets to resell, and also puts a cap on ticket resale prices. Unfortunately, this takes time and scalpers know we know, and are surely working on something new to make it next to impossible to legitimately acquire tickets to any popular event. There is only one answer – don’t buy re-sell or tickets from scalpers. Otherwise, this long standing problem will continue no matter what legislation is eventually passed. NM

One Guy’s Opinion – What happened to SEARS?

By | Neil Morrison, News

Sears was an institution in this country for many years. 65 in fact. Earlier this week all of that came crashing down as one of the biggest retailers in the country finally caved under the stress of online shopping. But was that the only reason died? From hearing about upper management walking away with great severance packages while the front line workers were left with nothing shows you just how unfair the job industry is in 2017. And you can’t blame the average SEARS employee for ruining a one nighty retail giant – the finger needs to be pointed at upper management right the way up to the CEO. This company all but ignored Amazon and other online retailers the way the music industry ignored music streaming in the 1990’s. Whereas – just in time – the music business managed to work with and eventually make a profit off streaming, SEARS never even tried to embrace the online opportunity. Shame. 130 stores will close ( or are closed at this writing ) and over 12,000 people will lose their job. Enjoy your holiday shopping at SEARS over the next 10-14 weeks. Please take the time to remember the once great retail giant and the people who called it their place of work. NM


By | Neil Morrison, News

Tomorrow at select BC Liquor Stores (BCLS) it’s the yearly Bordeaux release launches at 13 locations throughout the province. With over 3,000 cases of wine being available – featuring 120 wines ranging in price from $29 to $3,000. Unfortunately, no BCLS stores south of the Fraser will host the event. The 39th & Cambie BCLS location is the only one carrying all the products in the collection in the LM.

Management at the Cambie Stores expects early line-ups – as early as this evening. They ask for patience and no children will accepted as trade for wine. NM

Road Closure Delta This Evening

By | Neil Morrison, News

Temporary nighttime lane closures for 72nd Avenue
DELTA – Motorists using 72nd Avenue at Highway 91 are advised of upcoming nighttime lane closures.
The lane closures are necessary to allow crews to safely install bridge girders for the Highway 91/72nd Avenue Interchange Project.
The lane closures are as follows:
Thursday, Oct. 12, and Friday, Oct. 13, 2017, 9:30 p.m. to 7 a.m.
* Southbound Highway 91 turn lanes to eastbound 72nd Avenue
* Westbound 72nd Avenue turn lane to southbound Highway 91
These lane closures will not affect Highway 91 through-traffic. Where possible, motorists should consider an alternate route. Motorists will be able to detour via the 64th Avenue Interchange.
Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians are reminded to obey traffic-control personnel and construction signage.