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By | Neil Morrison, News
  Last week a New Westminster man walking along minding his own business found  pizza box on the ground. And – as we all do when we see a pizza box on the ground – he opened it up. Inside was $1,600 cash. The man went out of his way to find out who the money belonged to and eventually the money was returned to the rightful owner – in this case a pizza owner who was going to use that money along with $1,600 of his own – and give it to a charity as they apparently do every christmas. It’s one of those stories that you hear about and ask yourself, ‘Would I have done the same thing?’…
So what did you decide? $1,600 is a significant amount of money to find lying in a pizza box on the side of the road. We’d like to believe that the majority of people would turn the money in as the man did, but what if you found an amount that was in – say – a bag of sorts with no identification what-so-ever? The smart move is to turn it into the police. Because as far as I know, if you do turn the money in and it isn’t claimed within one year to the day you turned to in…the money is yours.
Question is – are you willing to wait?


By | Neil Morrison, News

A few days ago the province announced it’s plans for regulating Marijuana when it’s legalized next year. Government announced sales of pot would be permitted by both public and private liquor stores in BC and the legal age the exact same as our current liquor laws – 19 years of age or older. It makes sense since you’ll be able to pick up a joint along with your bottle of spirits. It also seems a little too similar to booze. Does this mean the same problems as well? Although we’ve progressed on the drinking and driving front, people still do it and people are going to smoke weed and drive. Still a little foggy how the police will enforce properly, but it is going to be a very hard sell on those who think being drunk is completely different than being high behind there wheel. The biggest thought that crossed me when I heard the legal age would be 19 took me back to my youth. I was 16 when I first started smoking pot. (I no longer do for the record) Now that the legal age is 19, one of the big problem is going to be the back market. Let’s be honest here – kids are still going to smoke, and they will continue to buy drugs from unauthorized dealers. If you don’t believe that head down to next years 4/20 and count how many high schoolers are in attendance. In turn, the black market will continue to exist. And drugs = money and money = gangs. Don’t expect much change. My main wish is that people truly act like grown ups and smoke responsibly. Otherwise, this whole legalization of marijuana could be a nightmare in the making.

How Expensive is it to Fly from Canada?

By | Neil Morrison, News

Looking forward to two more budget airlines coming to south fraser next summer? After this story you will. A recent survey done in 2015 shows Canada is the 8th most expensive country in the world when it comes to…flying. And the reason why we’re so expensive is the same reason we pay ridiculous prices for gas South of the Fraser – Taxes. They did a comparison of prices flying to Orlando Florida from Pearson International vs flying to Orlando from Buffalo Airport (2 1/2 hours south of Toronto) To fly from YYZ to Florida one would pay 43% taxes. From the US – 15% in taxes. And it’s not really the airlines fault when you find out Airports paid $313 million to the government because they are on crown land – all major airports in this country are – but the airport themselves are leased to non profit private companies. Edmonton’s airport paid $18 million to the feds and – despite huge tax on flyers – they still ended up $3 million in the red. ( A loss of 3 million ) Experts say we need to privatize airports cut taxes, and maybe then people won’t drive south of the border to fly. How much money is this country losing from people who will drive 20 mins from the border and leave from Bellingham over choosing YVR or Abbotsford? Unless the new budget airlines figure out how to deal with Canada’s high taxes – don’t expect much of a, ‘deal’ when they launch next summer.

An Open Letter to Meals on Wheels

By | Neil Morrison, News

An open letter to Meals On Wheels:

‘To whom it may concern – today while leaving my parents seniors residence I noticed one of your drivers having a conversation via the intercom with an elderly customer who clearly couldn’t understand what your driver was trying to say. Your driver was trying to tell the lady her meals on wheels were left at her door as she wouldn’t answer the door. The driver repeated she had left the meal(s) at the door but the woman on the other end of the intercom clearly couldn’t understand what she was trying to say. The woman told her to, ‘come up’ and buzzed her in. Rather than try to go back in and make sure she received her meal, she just sighed, jumped back into her vehicle and drove away. I’m concerned that elderly lady doesn’t know her meal was delivered and rather than take that extra step in ensuring the delivery was received, she just left the woman hanging on the intercom. I realize your drivers are busy but is that standard procedure? It disturbs me to know that there could be an elderly person waiting for their lunch that may have no idea it’s sitting outside their door. Thank You.’

Most Popular Baby Names 2017

By | Neil Morrison, News

The list is out of the, ‘Most Popular Baby Names’ for 2017. It wasn’t too long ago names like Jennifer, Joanne, Lori, Alison, etc were alway at the top of the list for women. For men, Michael, Stephen, David, and Christopher always seemed to top the list. What do all of these names have in common now? In 2017, none of those names are in either top 10. Names have gone less traditional in favour of some name that have never made the top 10 list before. That said here are the Top 10 names on this years list:



























According to Nameberry this is the top ten list.

Most I can pronounce.









Do Keyboard Warriors really live in their Parents Basement?

By | Neil Morrison, News

Ah yes, the keyboard warrior. All they do it seems is look at a social media story, read the headlines, and sling their negative swill. We read it all the time – Yet, I  don’t seem to recognize anyone’s name. Researchers have a theory that the majority of, ‘keyboard warriors’ are actually ghost accounts. Accounts that are made up just to stir things up on social media. And guess what? They do. But my question is – who are these people? Do they get paid to do this? Do they really live in their parents basement? That’s the big question. When I was 22 I was told by my parents  to get out and find my own way. Granted this was actually pre-social media – but I did, and never have I had the chance to spend countless hours at a time scrolling the interwaves looking for something to complain about. Matter of fact, if I ever take the time to actually read comments on fb, etc – one negative comment and I move on. Sarcasm is a different story. Sarcasm I find can be subtle yet brilliant. Sarcasm takes years to master and you won’t have time to learn the proper sarcasm unless…you experience life, see the world, have an opinion that’s valid and well thought out, don’t take it all too seriously, and move out of your parents basement.

Is it time to end Fashion Shows and Beauty Pageants for good?

By | Neil Morrison, News

Tonight is the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. It will be televised across the world to millions and millions of viewers. Yes, millions will tune in. But why? Why do fashion shows and beauty pageants attract so many to watch? There are about as many theories out there as there are viewers, but what you have to admit – they are popular. Perhaps it’s unfair to label both events with the same brush considering they’re technically not the same thing, but when it comes down to it…aren’t they? Half naked beautiful people showing off what they have on a runway. The obvious difference is a fashion show is apparently about the fashion, and a beauty pageant is about how good the person wearing the fashion looks. Both to me are a sign of just how vain we still are as people. Granted, when I was growing up a fashion show meant one thing – attractive people with great bodies! Writing that I felt a ping of guilt but them quickly realized why I don’t have to – because that’s what these shows are really all about. People will watch the shows and say they’re watching to see what the models are wearing. But don’t kid yourself, having the chance to check out a person with that perfect body is the real reason we’re watching. I’ll admit it. Will you?



By | Neil Morrison, News

Cyber Monday promises deals deals deals, right? That’s how the advertising goes anyway. To be honest, I have never bought into the hype that is Black Friday/Cyber Monday but clearly many do judging by the crowded parking lots last week. But do you really get the deals? Talking to some they believe that there were deals to be had, but you had to do your homework and know what you were getting before you just, ‘went shopping.’ Makes sense. Clearly some people get a little carried away with it all (One mall in Alabama had to close after shoppers began fighting each other for no apparent reason) Black Friday seems to be a time when good will and kindness get thrown out the window and the, ‘me, me, me’ attitude takes over. Says something about us as a human race, doesn’t it? Cyber Monday seems like the kinder, quieter, more peaceful neighbour. And it seems more are staying home on Friday and shopping from the comfort of their own homes more and more. Hopefully retailers take note – Cyber Monday is set to see North Americans spend almost 7 billion today. That’s a jump of  16%. Good luck finding that deal.


Opinion: We can’t thank the Police enough…except when it comes to Social Media.

By | Neil Morrison, News

(The following view does not necessarily represent that of South Fraser Broadcasting or it’s employees)

A 17 year old was arrested yesterday following a lockdown of Brookswood secondary in Langley. Yesterday around 3pm Langley RCMP tweeted that there was a situation that caused parents to go to the school causing all kinds of problems for both police and traffic in the area. Turns out an earlier incident involving a student and the 17 year old may have caused the situation. Police say rumours on Social Media may have fueled the speculation and caused minor panic – thus affecting the way the police could get their job done. Never mind them sending out a tweet early into the situation with a very brief press release announcing the incident and then not bothering to update at anytime during or after everything was clear. I’d be a very worried parent to. When all you have to go on is rumours on SM, doesn’t that tell the police not only is it imperative that they investigate the matter fully ( as they did it seems ) but to also use SM as a place to give updates on the situation and not keep everyone in the dark? I think so. When people called me yesterday afternoon asking for an update and I couldn’t give it to them…how would you feel if your child was at Brookswood Secondary yesterday afternoon in a lockdown? Not criticizing the Langley RCMP for what they do or how they handled the situation because they do great work. What I am saying to the police is keep the public informed and please realize you brought on some of the anxiety by not keeping people informed. One tweet and then nothing just doesn’t cut it.


(Picture courtesy: Langley Times)

What was the Mayor of White Rock thinking?

By | Neil Morrison, News

In case you missed it, White Rock Mayor Wayne Baldwin took to his twitter feed on Monday announcing he and City Council weren’t informed of the Prime Minster’s visit to White Rock last week. He said in part, ‘Unbelievable that City Council not told about visit of PM Trudeau to city…Disappointing and downright disrespectful.’ Why the mayor decided to turn to his twitter feed to announce this is – frankly – beyond me. Why not just go out and announce, ‘we have no idea or clue what’s going on in our own backyard.’

Not a good day for White Rock’s Mayor in the eyes of his constituents.

Just my opinion.