They’re good for you and taste fabulous!

With today being #NationalAvocado Day Laura Virginillo, the chef and owner of  ‘The Modern General Store’ in South Surrey brings you three delicious avocado recipe ideas that go beyond just throwing them in a salad! A warning – your taste buds may start dancing!

1. Avocado Toast

“The most popular one at our store is the vegetarian version with roasted cherry tomatoes, and balsamic and parmesan cheese,” says Virginillo. “It’s served on a grilled, in-house made foccacia bread and the spread is super easy. Just mix avocado, lemon or lime, and salt and pepper, and voila!

Avocado Toast – Prosciutto (try it Vegan, Vegetarian, or with Turkey or Bacon!)


Avo Toast Points on our in-house baker baguette

2. Avocado Green Goddess Dressing

“Mix an avocado, olive oil or avocado oil, lime or lemon, fresh garlic cloves, salt and pepper, and some really nice beautiful red grapefruit. It’s just delicious.”

Green Goddess Dressing W Grapefruit or Lime Juice (perfect w Crostini) or as a Salad Dressing on our Mixed Greens!


3. Avocado Chocolate Loaf

“The nice thing about using avocado it is gives the loaf a creaminess, there’s the fat in there also that you can use in place of something like a butter or coconut oil so it can be vegan. The chocolate also masks the avocado, which is how I hide vegetables from my kids.”

Who knew this green fruit was so versatile? Check out the ‘Modern General Store’ artisan, bakery, and cafe marketplace for other amazing avocado dishes and more! They’re located at 148-3388 Rosemary Heights Crescent in Surrey.

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