Earlier this month I had the pleasure of meeting Arthur Claxton from Ayoba Financial Services. Over a cup of coffee at Pulse FM Arthur shared his story of how when growing up, money was tight! This scarcity led him to view money as a rare commodity, one that’s almost impossible to acquire more of. However by attending seminars and workshops as a young man he began to change his view of money to something anyone can attain and build more of through education and proper guidance. Talk about the power of thought! Motivated to share his knowledge, Arthur began a career as a financial representative for several large firms.

Throughout his 35 year career in the finance industry he’s also taught financial planning at BCIT and became a registered life insurance agent.

As Claxton explained to me, with any problem, self-awareness is the first step.

Today he’s a ‘wealth creation specialist’ for his own company: Ayoba Financial Services. He connects with everyday people to carve out a plan to help them focus their spending to meet their life goals, which often include more savings and elimination of their debts. A Certified Cash Flow specialist, Claxton provides his clients with an easy to follow, written plan.

The goal is to build wealth through simple lifestyle changes.


As he explained to me, his coaching sessions focus going over the persons spending habits and total financial picture in order to come up with the best plan for their success.

Whether it’s retirees or near retirees wanting to create a solid income stream or a young family wanting to eliminate household debt, there isn’t anyone Claxton hasn’t worked with to help attain financial success. And success can mean anything: enrolling in University, taking that dream Caribbean cruise or having more money to spoil the grandchildren. In our busy lives where so much information is being thrown at us, it’s nice to know personal, one-on-one help is available!


If you’d like to learn more about Arthur’s services, we’ll be chatting with him and learning more about the unique services he offers on

Pulse Mornings Monday, June 11th at 8:35 am.