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Most of B.C.’s COVID-19 capacity restrictions will be lifted as of Thursday. There will no longer be any restrictions around indoor personal gatherings.

B.C. capacity limit changes

The following types of gatherings will be allowed at full capacity, with masks and proof of vaccination:

Organized gatherings, such as weddings with dancing (indoor and outdoor)
Indoor seated events, such as going to a movie
Gyms, adults sports, dance, swimming (including tournaments)
Restaurants, bars, and nightclubs (no table limits, mingling and dancing allowed)
B.C. capacity limit changesAs of Feb. 16 11:59 p.m., many capacity restrictions in B.C. are being lifted (Courtesy: B.C. government)

These changes come into effect on Feb. 16 11:59 p.m.

Masks will still be required in indoor public spaces, and the B.C. vaccine passport will remain in place.

The rules around capacities for worship services are not changing yet. If all participants are determined by the leader as vaccinated, there are no capacity limits. However, if anyone is not vaccinated, only 50 per cent of seated capacity is allowed.

B.C. COVID measures review
B.C. will review these COVID-19 measures in March and April, according to the province.

The province says these measures will be reviewed again in the next month or two.

Long-term care visitation restrictions, as well as school and child care guidelines are also remaining in place, as are restrictions on child and youth overnight camps.