And just like that, we’re halfway through August!  We are just THREE weeks out from the first day of school, so it’s time to think about those SCHOOL SUPPLIES!

I usually like to buy the school supplies through the school.  It does or can cost a bit more, but at least you know that you’ve got all the right stuff, it’s delivered to their school, and best of all – it’s all taken care of in JUNE.

Since we have moved and haven’t registered yet, that option just isn’t available unfortunately.  Sigh.  And I know so many of those smart families out there save the items from previous years (no, you don’t need to buy new scissors every year), but I just haven’t reached that level of organization!  We purged so much in our move that I don’t have much left.  Plus, sometimes it seems like while a red handled pair of short 2″ scissors was fine for Grade 2 – when they’re in Grade 3, suddenly they need ORANGE handled scissors with a 3″ blade.  I’m a rule follower, what can I say?!

Now I’m hearing that so many have already slayed their shopping list and I haven’t even begun to think about it!

But, the shopping angels are on my side – Staples stores in our area always has the lists of school supplies required for each school displayed in the store.  Or, even nicer for me, I can look up the school supply list online on the school website, and then order the items online through  Easy peasy.

I do enjoy the thrill of the hunt when it comes to shopping, but there are just too many variables when it comes to the school supply list.  The exercise book must have EXACTLY 80 pages… the duo-tang must be lime green, not dark green… they’re just so specific and running around a store with a bunch of other frazzled parents with their kids in tow is just NOT my jam.

A few years back I had the great idea of giving ownership of this task to my kids, so I passed them the list to go and find all the items.  That might work for some of you, but my children were NOT impressed and just came back with random toys and goodies (why does Staples have so much candy?!).  So it was a failed experiment!

Best of luck to all you parents on the school supply hunt!