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Aaaaaaaand yet another thing is increasing in price!

It was announced that ferry fares are going up as B-C Ferries grapples with rising fuel prices.

Summer Boat GIF by Searoad Ferries

Starting June 1st, the company will boost its fuel surcharge from one per cent to 2.5 per cent. It means an adult walk-on ticket will cost 45 cents more and the price for a car and driver will climb by two dollars on the Metro Vancouver – Vancouver Island routes.

B-C Ferries says the increase will be 25 cents for an adult and $1.05 for a vehicle and driver on a variety of inter-island routes.


Yes, the price increase is not huge but it is a bummer for sure that everything is getting more and more expensive!

I’m happy I went to Victoria a few weekends ago for the last hoorah of cheaper walk on tickets!

What are your thoughts on this? Will this deter you from taking the Ferry for a fun trip to the island or do you not mind the increase? Let’s chat all about it on Facebook @Pulse1077