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A toddler had to be airlifted to BC Childrens Hospital after reportedly being bitten by a bear at the Greater Vancouver Zoo in Aldergrove. It happened yesterday just before the zoo closed at 7pm. The zoo currently has 6 bears on site. RCMP and the BC Conservation Officers Service are investigating. 

And I’m kinda saddened to say everytime I hear that, ‘Conservation Officers’ are involved, you have to fear for the animals these days. 

You may recall last week in Coquitlam a mother bear and her two cubs were shot and killed by conservation officers after they say the bears had been habituated because of people leaving their garbage out and not safely secured. Officers say they tried to relocate the bears a few times before destroying them. 

And a certain radio person may have have called BS on them on a certain, ‘Awesome Vancouver’ website and started a bit of a, ‘debate’ on social media. 

Said radio person may have referred to conservation officers as, ‘murderers.’

That same radio guy stands by those words. 

So, the moment I (he) hear(s) that conservation officers are involved with any sort of animal investigation, immediately you think the bear that bit this child is probably next to be killed.