Police and Surrey school officials are investigating after a boy was beaten near Fraser Heights Secondary and was recorded and posted on social media.
The video shows several older kids attacking a Grade 9 student on or near school grounds.
The boy’s father went to social media and expressed his outrage at what happened to his son.

He was brought to the back area of the school near the tennis courts by a trusted friend no less and threatened with weapons to get on his knees and kiss the feet of his attackers and then kicked in the face afterwards,” Paul Pederson posted on his Facebook timeline. “This happened today at lunch on school grounds.”

Pederson said the attack took place days after an altercation at the school that apparently involved a firearm.

He says parents weren’t notified of the first incident that took place on Friday, May 31.

Pederson said his son was attacked because the thugs thought his son was a snitch to the main event.
On the Tuesday attack, one of the people involved recorded it on video and disseminated it on social media, further embarassing Pederson’s son.
Pulse FM has made the editorial decision not to further embarrass the boy by posting the video.
Surrey RCMP and the Surrey School District are investigating.
Police expect to have further information for the public this afternoon.