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Hollywood rumours are swirling that Bradley Cooper and wife Irina Shayk’s marriage is on the rocks and apparently the two haven’t been getting along for a while.

Which is interesting because his ‘Star is Born’ costar Lady Ga Ga also had a fallout in her relationship earlier this year, calling off her engagement to Christian Carino after two years dating.




When I heard about the Cooper breakup rumours, my initial thought was  ‘Irina who’? The guy literally never brings up his wife’s name in interviews, especially during the Star is Born press tour. In fact if you didn’t know any better you’d swear he was in love with Lady Ga Ga. The look on his face when he’s talking about about her ”brilliance’ both on and off screen… can’t say many wives could be cool with that!

Of course, Cooper and Ga Ga have always maintained they’re just friends, but I dunno…….them apples were pretty big in their eyes when the two of them performed together at this year’s Grammys.

The fact both have had massive breakups (or impending breakups in Coopers case) the same time of the filming and release of a Star is Born is a little too coincidental in my eyes, but maybe I’m just rooting for these two!

If and when they do announce they’re in love, it’ll be nice to see Ga Ga on the arms of more stable, “nice guy” like Cooper and him with someone other than a mum model.

What do you think? Do you think Ga Ga and Cooper secretly have a love affair going on?! Let me know!

– Vanessa
@VanessaLYbarra (Twitter) / vanessaybarra77 (Instagram)