The days of having to pay outrageous prices for re-sell event tickets could be coming to an end if the province follows legislation that the Ontario government has passed. In that province it will soon be illegal to re-sell tickets – to events like concerts – for more than 50% above the original ticket price. After fans of Pink, Katy Perry, and The Eagles saw ticket prices being re-sold for ridiculous mark-ups, the province announced they will look into the re-selling of tickets online.
One of the problems is something called BOTS – Software than allows the user to scoop up multiple amounts of tickets at face value, only to re-sell them online. A Quebec man is facing an investigation for allegedly making millions in profit from stealing fans tickets. And yes, I said, ‘steal’ because that is exactly what he was (allegedly) doing.
MLA Spencer Chandra says the NDP government is currently looking into a way to make sure you and I don’t get gauged again – as we already do courtesy of promoters who levy those uncomfortable service charges we end up paying on top of the original price, the taxes, and fees.
Unfortunately, even if and when legislation passes, probably not a lot they can do about shows that are already on sale – like Pink’s show at Roger’s Arena on May 12th, and Katy Perry’s two shows February 5th and 6th. However, It will be a relief to all concert goers when something is done to stop lining the pockets of those who pray on the fan of the artist (or artists).
Not a moment too soon.