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Even though it’s been a bit of a slow start to summer weather-wise, camping season is upon us and the true die-hards are hitting the campgrounds!

I camped with my kids from early on.  Babies are the easiest, especially the pre-crawlers!  They’re happy to just sit in the grass and watch their surroundings.  With toddlers and big kids, remember to just live in the moment.  Bring extra clothes in case they get wet, but plan to get filthy.  It’s part of the fun of camping!  (I’m not gonna lie, my kids have been known to wear the same set of clothes two days in a row…).  Bug candles and bug spray. I hate using bug spray! But sometimes it’s unavoidable, so definitely pack it.

Organizing everything can be a pain in the butt.  Using those clear totes is helpful to be able to see what’s inside without rummaging through everything.  You can always find somewhere to put extra tarps.  Baby wipes can do everything from wash your face to wipe your table, so make sure you’ve got lots.

Check out pinterest for loads of camping snacks beyond SMores – or, if you’re not that kinda mom, you can buy Smores kits in the store ready to go for your campfire.  We stick to traditional camping eats – hot dogs, hamburgers and chips.  Every now and then we try to make a healthy meal, but we always go back to basics.  (PS, instant coffee really isn’t that bad these days and even Starbucks makes one!)

Some fun things to make camping even more fun … glow sticks, bubbles, and craft kits.  Making a walk into a scavenger hunt can make it more exciting.  And yes, we bring screens but we save them for nighttime, to help the kids settle into bed with a show while the adults enjoy a beverage around the campfire.  And maybe to use early in the morning when the adults don’t want to wake up at the literal crack of dawn!

My favourite place to camp was Rolley Lake. Just about 40 minutes away, this provincial park is well maintained, has flush toilets and showers, a great playground and a wonderful lake that always seems warm.  On our Facebook page, Pulse FM listener Alan shared that he liked Alice Lake because it ticked all their boxes: “Far enough away to feel like you’re away from home. Close enough to town to restock on food and pick up supplies that you forgot. Flush toilets and showers. And a lake.”

Cultus Lake was also mentioned, we are going this year with the added bonus of course of driving into “town” to hit up Cultus Lake Waterpark and Cultus Lake Adventure Park!

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Happy camping!