For those of you who live under a rock, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s new movie Skyscraper comes out today. I say that in jest. While I don’t typically circle the calendar everytime the former wrestler releases a new movie, this one definitely has an added element of excitement to it because some of it was shot in Surrey!

Last fall they filmed parts of the movie at of all things Surrey City Hall. The Rock even posted a video to Twitter giving a shoutout to Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner for letting them film at the location and to ask her out on a date (ok, I may have exaggerated that last part, but can you imagine THAT powerhouse couple!) (Check out the video below!)

The movie is meant to look like it takes place in China however I’m told there’s quite a few shots of Surrey in it that apparently are quite easy to spot for us South of the Fraser folks. And who doesn’t love to do the whole scream, pause the TV, and argue/discuss with family members over where a location is ha?! I”m sure there will be a lot of that this weekend at the theatres. Just don’t scream too loud, you may scare the person next to you.

  • Vanessa xox
  • @VanessaLYbarra