This fierce stage-blazer finds inspiration through the beauty of imperfections and hidden gems. She has a compelling yet powerful voice that commands the words to not only flow but dance rhythmically. She is a songwriter, a multi-instrumentalist from piano, guitar, ukulele to loop pedal. She is grounded and exudes positivity with a contagious bright smile.

I bet you are itching to know who this may be?

She is Cassandra Maze, an up and coming multi-talented singer extraordinaire with a meticulous style of music from alternative to dance-pop.

Her music journey started back in the 90’s when Maze jammed out to her tape collection from Jamiroquai to India to En Vogue in her mom’s blue Chevy Cavalier. All these adventures for Maze started in the Tri-Cities, where she was born, raised and currently resides.

At home her father would play guitar and Maze would sing. And then, they would improvise and make up songs on the fly! Around the age of seven years old, Maze took an interest in learning piano but then quickly took a seven year hiatus. She was trying to find other hobbies and interests, but music was her hidden talent and passion that her internal spark consistently guided her towards. In the words of Maze, “I couldn’t escape my love of music! I also wrote my first song on guitar at age 12”.

To date Maze has released two albums, Asymmetry (Nov 2018) that celebrates women empowerment and Velocity (Oct 2017) that signifies the beginning of something amazing. She also has over 75,000 streams on Spotify for her new album. Her track, “Wait”, has received over 51,000 streams alone. Many of the artists that we have met on our journey of Pulse FM Spotlight have been making music while working in another field. Maze is one of the few that is doing music full time.

Everything from performing, teaching, writing to developing other artists, collaborating and creating online content,” says Maze.

Her track, “Boom” is an upbeat pop song from her latest album, that originates from Maze’s common catch phrase. So instead of us saying, “That’s Fetch” or “Awesome”, BOOM, will be the word!

Since Maze is busy as a beaver, we wondered what she does on her off time to be creative or if she had a place to reflect and relax. “I frequent the Burrard Inlet in Port Moody quite a lot. It’s a nice escape from the hustle of the city, with a gorgeous view of the North Shore and lots of surrounding trails. Plus you’ve got Rocky Point Ice Cream and Parkside Brewery right across the street☺”, shares Maze. Now we know where to go get good ice cream and drinks, but better yet we know where to run into this up and coming Canadian superstar!

Okay, so now that you have read this far along,  I bet you want to go see her perform live! Lucky you, she is hitting the stage live with her explosive vocals on Thursday, March 14th at The Railway Club in downtown Vancouver.


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Want to know this confident and charismatic artist a little more with quick Q & A? Read on my friends.

What other activities or hobbies to you enjoy aside from music?

Outside of music, I love taking photos, videos and messing around with photoshop. I’m also a little (a lot) obsessed with makeup and how transformative it can be. If there was one skill I wish I could magically acquire, it would be drawing! I’m impressively bad at it 😉

I do love getting my fill of the great outdoors, so hiking is definitely on the list. Scrabble, if that counts as a hobby! Journaling. Photography.

Where do you find inspiration to write your songs?

I tend to feel most inspired when I’m on the move, so anywhere I can take a long walk. Coal Harbour, Commercial Drive and Gastown are some of my favourite places to wander and soak up the city. I also catch inspiration from Vancouver’s nightlife and music scene. Guilt & Co, The Railway Club, The Roxy or The Biltmore are some of my favourite places to catch a local show!

Who do you look up to or idolize in the music industry?

Strong and insanely talented ladies of music, such as Alicia Keys, Sia, Sara Bareilles, Amy Winehouse, and Lady Gaga.

Which high school did you go to?

Pinetree Secondary School (Coquitlam)

What is your most memorable high school moment?

For whatever reason, the memory that sticks out most is skipping my grad ceremony and instead going to Victoria with my closest friends. We always wanted to do things our way 😉

What’s your favorite food?


What’s your favorite saying?

Boom: Fun and spunky. Catch phrase of Cassandra’s a take on Mean’ Girls Fetch.

Who’s your biggest support group?

My family 100%. I’m very lucky that they support me unconditionally in my career, and know how to lift my spirits when I’m feeling down.

Have a listen to Cassandra Maze at Soundcloud or   Youtube